Tiny upload

I uploaded some pics Dragon sent me from Stad, and I tried to make a rough map over where I've been for those of you who dont know Norway that well.. its not precise, but gives you an idea at least.
Now I'm off to work again.
Call me tomorrow at 12ish about those pints!


Sorry! Vital parts are missing from that map!
I'll redo it tomorrow!

I will!

Just hold your horses!

I am back, I am alive and I will publish the rest of the enteries from my vaccation.
I am just a bit cramped with work and stuff at the moment.

Hopefully I'll get a few minutes tonight at work, but you never know.
I'm off wed night, anyone up for a few pints?


I cant be bothered to look up who it was, but I find it kind of charming that someone from one and the same ip-adress logged on to this page 27times yesterday..
If you are THAT desperate to know whats up, just give me a call!

Update from Norway

The following posts are written on the way but posted when I had a chance due to limited internet access. Please ignore the enormous spelling mistakes as I am most of the time paying a fortune for the acess and feel a bit stressed.
Language will vary as always due to no particular reason. Sorry if this causes problem for some of you.
yours truly
/the FireMonkey, trying to chase the moment again.


Hotel breakfast.

Tanning session.

Free internet.

Weather like never before.


Tonight is the night.


Imagine the most beautiful remote 10days away mountain hiking area you can ever get your head around.

Double it in beauty.

Imagine the most wonderful, well paved winding motorcycle road you can ever construct.

Double it.


By now you can not wrap your head around it any more. But try.

Double it.

You won't come even remotely close to imagining what I've seen today.



With the almost religious experience still pumping in my body I am rolling on into the sunset..

It gets cold as the sun sets.

As cold that the old rule applies.

No stopping for pissing unless there is a cup of hot something to warm your hands on beforehand.

Otherwise you may never find your friend again..

Arrive just as Kockhoran gets of her shift. (Yes I am allowed to call her that, she bloody well calls herself that!)






Friday. Back to the bike.

4.45AM Beep, Beep.

Up, stuff in the bag.

Food in mouth.

Key in car.


Deer on the road.

Sheep on the road.

Road gone.

Oh, turning, right, forgot about that.

Bus to Selje.

Nice driver.

On the boat.




One hour in the park.

Buss to Norheimsund.

Pick up bike.

Pay bill. (With eyes closed)

Pack bags.
Suite up..

Surf day 2

Up in the early morning, my whole body acing from the crash and the pounding in the water last night.

One wave later.

All gone.


First session of the day almost as good conditions as last night, but a bit more wind. Got a few more perfect waves and really enjoyed the 7"9 I had for the day. Much better handling than the larger board I had last night.

A rather long lunch break, some logistic planning and a little nap later I am once again in the water.

Conditions ok, nice sets rolling in and almost as big as last night, but farther between them.
Arms acing, shoulders about the give up.. But still.





The waves drop as the night wears longer but some of the sunset waves I caught, with the sky behind me in fiery red and pink and the mountains in front of me as beautiful as ever in the sunset light will always stay in my mind.

We get back a bit closer to midnight than first planned, but hey. It?s surf. Plans don?t count!

Not much to brag about in the pics, but just picture the place when we had good ones!

Thanx to; for the pics!


Bergen to Heaven

After another night of pizza and beer at the now husband and wife I am finally on my way!

Slept some on the boat and then straight on the buss to Leikanger, this time the right one. J

After some communication problems due to fu*k all cell phone reception I manage to hike to Huddevika. The beauty of Stadlandet once again blowing my mind.

My host had disappeared so the good people on Stad surfing took me in during the afternoon, kitted me up with a 5.3mm wetsuit and threw me in the water to catch some dinner..

After 3h snorkelling, photography and swimming I got up with a grin from ear to ear and a handsome catch of 3 rather large crabs! (no, no gear was used, this is proper crab fishing, only hands allowed!!)

A quiet beer later I were asked if I were interested in checking out the surf on the other side of the peninsula? Guess what my answer were!?

Prime conditions, 1.5m waves and clean sets pounding on the beach.. I were in heaven!

It took a little while to get the feeling back, but then?

Oh god!

Imagine riding a clean left, breaking just at your side, while you look down in crystal clear water at your other side, seeing sandy bottom and rocks as clear as if they were above surface?

All you surfers know what I'm talking about, the rest of you can just imagine the feeling you have after amazing sex combined with the best of adrenaline rushes ever.. And you wont even come close!

Better late than never my host showed up and I moved into he?s half renovated house, got some food in me, a cold beer and straight to sleep.

On my way back to Bergen

Feels a bit wierd, but yes, I am going back to Bergen.
Some more of teh beautiful scenery, all the mountains and two beers in my stomach.

Life is at least easy, if not cheap.

The boat is full of anticipating passangers. New families on vaccations. Forigners mostly, a few of them Swedes, happy people. No rain today, despite the heavy clowds hanging over us.
My mind calm.
Enjoying. Taking in. On my own,
...sometimes alone. But not left.
The buzz on my right tigh is telling me my world will still spinn when I get back. Sometimes more than I wish for, but who's got time for reason?
It's now. It's me. It could very well be you. It's good.

(Its far. Its insecure, Its madness.. )
Who cares?


Rather nice (a few cl short of a) pint. Sitting upstares, enjoying the peace, the smell of the wood from the hand made wooden chairs.
Chatting a bit with tthe odd tourist that climbs the stairs to the secound floor. An Italian cupple is approaching me, ask questions. I answer. We talk about the three different beers that are made here. (the old bewerage course I took is comming back to me) Talking about the place, the village and the scenery.
As they leave the man walks up and shakes my hand, thanking me for the conversation and congratulating me on a fabulous business in a remarkable place.
But fun.

...And again.. I could be the manager of such a place.


Absolutly fabolus scenery, internet acess (that naturally costs an absolute fu**ing fortune), friendly people AND a Micro Brewery!!
What more can a lost tourist wish for?
Popped in for a quick one before I head on to explore this tiny, but spectacular place.

Tomorrow i am hopefully conquering waves.. But tonight I really, really would like to conqour something else.

       ...something far, far away.

The unexpected is the child and joy of all travels

Slept and read first part of the boatride. I've seen the coast where I'm going. Beutiful, yes, but I needed my rest before the waves.
Mid-day I suddenly realised what had gone wrong this morning.
I asked for a boat ticket to Selje. The man behind the counter asked if this was my final stop. Naturally I said no since I arranged to be picked up in Leikanger (a 30 min bussride from Selje) wich I explained.
The man looked at me and then printed a ticket.
One way. Bergen to Leikanger. Great. The ferry goes all the way!

Nope.. but yes. It goes all the way to Leikanger, but not where I wanted to go...
Turned out that there are more than one place called Leikanger in this country.

The staff on the boat laughed a bit but could not have been nicer about it.
The head man promised a free trip back to Bergen, as well as my money back on the ticket!

I am now admireing the faboulos scenes of Sognefjorden, taking loads of pictures, as the good tourist I am. And trust me, it is truly a fantastic landscape.

Ny dag, Nya æventyr.

Upp tidigt. Får skjuts till hamnen. Bra pris på båten. Bekvæmt.
Pissvæder. Trøtt. Stel. Foten marginellt bættre, tack vare P's piller.
Surfrapporten ser bra ut.
Imorgon smæller det.


For those of you that still has not heard.
I am now travelling with public transportation.
Bike fucked. Description i n swedish below, sorry folks.

Avfærd Bergen måndag morgon.
Gamla vægen (nr 7, turistvæg) mot Ulvik.
Otroliga vægar, otroliga vyer.
Lugnt tempo, njuta.
Så pløtsligt uppe på fjællet.
Får på vægen.
Bilen framfør bromsar hårt, avståndet krymper.
Lugnt sinne, bromstræningen och alla de hundratals timmarna i sadeln sitter i ryggmærgen.
Bromsar hårt.
Kænner omedelbart effekten av de dubble skivorna fram med nya belægg. Betryggande.
Slæpper något och flyttar mig till vænster før att se førbi bilen och førlænga stræckan med fri væg framfør mig.
Kramar åter åt med vænsterhanden.
Kænner bromsarna ta. Friktionen mot vægbanan.

Så blir det tyst.

Allt sker på en millisekund.

Stilla i styret, ingen friktion, inget grepp.
Jag ær på mittstræcket.

Framhjulet førsvinner under mig.
Tankarna genom huvudet på væg mot marken;

" fan, mer repor.
Å well, har ju varit dags før ett nytt stæll længe nu.
Sedan starkare, høgre i huvudet, fortfarande fritt hængande i luften.
"Rulla åt HØGER.
Fort UPP.
Kan komma bilar från motsatt håll."

Sen slår min kropp i marken med med full kraft.

Flera bilar stannar på den smala vægen. Hjælper mig upp, leder bort cyckeln.
Først efter någon minut iunser jag att jag inte kommer kunna fortsætta.
Framhjulet och styret pekar åt olika håll.
Antagligen vred sig framhjulet medan det var i luften innan det återfick friktionen mot vægbanan mellan två mittstræck.
Skjuts till Norheimsund.
Yammahaverkstad i byn. Tok-Flax.
Trevliga killar. Diskuterar, Tænker, Omplanerar, Sms'ar.
Buss till Bergen. Vænster fotled børjar svullna.
Pizza och øl i soffan hos brudparet igen.
Is på foten.

Smærta, stelhet.


Helgen har bjudit på mer æn jag kunde ana eller førvænta mig. Vi gæster har verkligen fått VIP-behandling och ett enormt tack går till alla som varit ansvariga eller delaktiga i allt fixande.
God mat och gæstvænlighet hela helgen, ett fantastiskt vackert brøllop och en helg att minnas før evig tid.
Bara før att berætta något så hade vi svenska gæster utanfør familjen två egna lægenheter till fri anvændning. Ur-mysigt och med sængarna bæddade, handukar framlagda och kylen full nær vi kom! Vilken service!!
Till på køpet fick vi sen en egen bil att anvænda under helgen. Otroligt.

Min personliga favorit under helgen?
Utan tvekan brudparets brude-valse.
Att han besitter danskunskaper som næstan får en gammal væn rørd till tårar, det trodde jag inte.
Jag ær stolt och otroligt glad før dig P, och jag ønskar er båda all lycka i framtiden.


Quick stop at Achlen.
Wonderful to see him again, and what a place he worsks at!
Already planning on comming back for a secound stop here once the wedding is done.
Thanx for the hospitality mate, great to get to see you again before you shoot off.



Vægporr in ABSURDUM

Hardangervidda was maybe the most amazing driving I've done so far. Well up there with Ankor Wat on a dirtbike and Europes wide streatched motorways.
I let the pics speak for themself. (when I can upload them)
Then the ones of you that understand that it is never the best places you are able to stop and take pics of can try, and I say try to imagain what the best streatches were like.

Signs is for poofs!

Why oh why dont I trust myself?
I've been in this town a million times and should know by now... But NO!
I have to trust the freaking signs, resulting in Loce turning 180 degrees a number of times.
Finally I got on my way.
A little rain didnt stop me and I really got an amazing day!

Førsta stoppet i vårt grannland

Oslo; som alltid, lockande, lovande, møjligheternas och æventyrens stad. En snabb tur på stan och sen øl på cafe sud med "jooobo" som om Nha Trang-brænnan just flagnat. Otroligt hur lite roll tid spelar nær man har med riktiga vænner att gøra.
Ett snabbt møte med L och sen lunch med Jooobo innan hjulen rullar væsterut.


its all started

..The first 600km is done and I have reached my former home town, Uppsala.
The nessisary last minute shopping is done, a few gifts and presents carefully packed in the cramped bags, the tought "What have I forgotten" has been running through my head at least a million times.

I am right now stealing bandwith from Amiralen who has shoot off to work, and myself I will figure out a way of getting to the mechanic in due time to pick up my bike and be on my marry way to next stop.

Over all I must say the vaccation started off great. Rain on the way down, but that was later compensated by a really nice day down town with my mum, a quiet beer (or two) with J.H and two top notch evnings.. (and mornings)

Take care everyone, and we'll see when the next time I can post will be.

(this is what Loce looks like naked..)

Its time

After what have been a nice weekend with my cousin who came to visit and check out her possible new home town it is now time to bid you ferwell for a while.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving!
The route is Uppsala-Oslo-Bergen-Stadt-Ålesund-Åndalsnes... *?*... Umeå.
I am dubtful that I will be able to post anything during my trip but I am back in town for sure the 24th of July, so some time around that date you can expect a report on my adventure.

If you need to reach me, I will alter between my Swedish and my Norweigian phone-number. If you dont have the later it is; 004791619982.

Now its time to get ready for my last worknight in a while!
Take care all you wonderful people out there!


Who ever wanna slep in this mistery of beauty!?
(pic taken about 02.00 at night.. It NEVER gets dark up here!)

A kindapping above all other!

Blev som jag sa kidnappad igår, satt i en bil och fick inte veta vart vi skulle..
Skulle ha med mig badkläder, för vi skulle bada..
Jag gillade tanken och funderade på om dom hittat något häftigt badställe med klippor att hoppa från eller något liknande..
Men nej. Efter en relativt lång biltur fick jag sitta med en tröja över huvudet tills vi äntligen var framme och jag ser ut genom fönstret!

Det blev självsagt en helt underbar dag och jag var mäkta imponerad av anläggningen och naturen, raftingen mätte sig kanske inte riktigt med africas zambezi-river.. men kul som fan var det i alla fall!

Kvällen avslutades i goda vänners lag, bland annat på en restaurangbåt i hamnen där en vän, tillika rätt känd dj satte stämningen! Grymt!

Dagen har hittils bjudit på sol och bad och salta drömmar ute på bölesholmarna med hovslagaren och ser ut att fortsätta med lite flytthjälp till kombon och sedan avslutas med en liten whiskeypinne på stadens uteserveringar!

Lev väl vänner!

dont even think about talking ot me in August!

Min första blanka tenta. check.

Nu vila och sen bli kidnappad. Spännande!

ps. Kamror fungerar generellt bättre om batteriet sitter i...

OH! Note to readers; when you comment on stuff, its much easier for me to read a name or alias than to search for ip-numbers..


Nej, jag gick inte ut i solen när jag sa att jag skulle.
Och jag har inte pluggat..

Men jag fick en ganska bra liten timme på balkongen i alla fall.
Det är som jag sa till någon nyligen, glädjs åt det du kan, det finns alltid ljuspunkter.

image125 image124

add to previous totally unrelated;
..So many questions that I dont have the energy to ponder any more.
Like why you ask things for favours you know I long for, as a last resort option you dont want to use, or how you really thought all the times you just made me confused. Or how you justify.. well.. you?

But lest face it, I dont have to understand you, hell, most of the times you dont seem to understand yourself!

I have repeatedly said my peace, what then the chosen respond will be.. thats out of my control.

Lupi Media

Today I recived a gift in the mail!

Big love to Lupi Media!

Some of it I forgotten, some of it I wish I had forgotten.. and some of it just puts a tear in my eye..

Pls tell me what you are up to pep's!

Its all about the moments I once again come to realize.. why I now bid you good day and drags myself outside in the lovely sunny weather!

And the others from Umea-crew, give me a shout and you'll have a little something you too!


Random pictures of the weekend


Totally unrelated; If normal behaviour is defined by answering trivialities with the like, for the mere purpose of fighting boredom, shall one not when message and wrapping are others?
Your picture of the world is so far from everything I see it makes my head spin.
And just now I start to realize that this probably never been different, just bleached and concealed of what apparently you now lack.

Måndagars Måndag

.. som tur är så är det nu 7 dagar kvar.
7 dagar tills jag rullar genom ett sommargrönt Svedala ut på nya äventyr.
7 dagar tills en viss någon ska få igen för allt ret
7 dagar tills man helt kan släppa pressen för ett litet tag

7 dagar till semester.

Idag ska vi ha genomgång inför tentan. yeee!
Jag har oxå bestämt mig att inte lämna in mitt grupparbete (i grupp om 1) förrän efter tentan. Går det inte så är det ju som ingen mening?

Sista veckan på jobbet på ett tag också, vilket ska firas med lite effektivitet och samkväm med kollegorna.

Sen hörde jag att jag skulle bereda mig på äventyr på onsdag... *nyfiken* Va har hon nu hittat på, hovslagaren?

Nåväl. Ljus och värme flödar genom mitt fönster och det är dags att dra sig iväg. Norrlandssommaren väntar utanför fönstret!

Peace and Love

Då var helgen över.
De första 3 min i min lägenhet på min balkong med en kall öl var värt alla gäspningar och dumma bilister. Så jävla skönt att vara hemma i ljusa, soliga norrland igen!

Helgen då?
Jo tack, mycket behöver lägga sig till ro i min hjärna innan jag skriver ner det men sammanfattningsvis kan vi säga;
*Hjälp! Va mycket småbarn!
*Är det något med Borlänge eller var bara alla småflickor smittade av nån sorts festivalkåthet? Kändes som att vifta bort mygg periodvis..
*Crash course i att suga av en vindunk.. how do you do it? *Impressed*
*Lite nya influenser och en fördjupad kärlek till Jason Mraz!
*Grymma framträdanden av bla Kiss&Tell och Hanoi Rocks som lyckades väcka gamlingen när han blev trötter frammåt lördagskvällen.
*Amiralen; Det är inte jag. Det är du. Grrrrr.

Tack till L&J för att ni gjorde detta möjligt, och så klart till syster och yrvädrets pojkvän, men det får bli ett annat inlägg.

jag borde inte säga något, men nog för att jag är korkad.. men hallå? Det var väl lite väl att tro? Trodde ni kände mig..

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