I think they TRY to fuck it up for me!!

The first question on my practise exam in Operations Management asks me to correctly estimate the optimal inventory level of; Thata,ta,ta; ThaiScrew!!!?

How do they think I can focus on the square root of two times Demand times setup cost divided by cost of capital times price when they are talking asian prostitution!??


(Click on image!)

Reflection of the Spanish?

Just HAVE to publish this pic, taken on the Madrid trip not long ago..
I find it priceless!

I would order pork, I mean is this not what all the crazy activists are talking about when they are trying to promote meat from "happy pigs" ?

Thanx P for the pic!
You are a star!

Ok seriously..

who took a shit on my internet connection?

I mean really, my commendore 64 was fucking faster..

..yes.. I get it. I will read instead..

FOR SALE (in January or by appointment)

IF you want it, or know anyone that might be interested, Let me know!

Comes without wheelblock and matching yellow plastic string....

WW Polo, -97 3 doors, 1L engine, cheep running, well taken care of, no crashes, lots of fun.
Contact me for more information and please spread the word, I would much rather sell it to someone that will enjoy it than a random stranger ;)
Full service log, some extras and the coolest interior ever..

Location; Lisbon and around
Price; Fucking cheep compared to what you get!

For the right buyer it can come with a complimentary slightly dinged but very stable and durable 6'2 surfboard :D


THIS is real community contribution.

...Even if they are training to be shark-biscuits..

And if you speak Swedish, THIS I found absolutely lovely today. Just to bad I can not belive in it, or have time for it.. I just borrow and swap.. like a lirary of kisses and fake closeness..

End of a a lovely day..

One trouble never comes alone a wise man once said, so I finished the day with spending the better parts of two hours driving around in the not so nice parts of Lisboas outskirts trying to pick up a clueless little friend who booked herself a client meeting for her company there without an exit strategy..
Always nice to be completely lost on pitch black roads in a neighbourhood that looks like its belonging to the Brazilian favelas..
At one point I contemplating asking one of the thugs about directions, then saw they stood next to a burned out car and one of them picked up something shiny and blade-looking as I approached..
Thank god the Bass-mobile is fast, even if it is something of a sitting duck in situations like this, with the hawaian interior, surfracks and stickers..
I must have smelled of easy money miles away.

Once home I find out that a friend roughlessly got stabbed in another part of the world. His flaw? Drove in the wrong neighbourhhod.
Nice ending of a lovely day.

Pic's stolen.. my focus was not to take cell phone pic's right then...
Even if the result would have been interesting..

Cost of study time

Todays study session costed me, disregarding opportunity cost of my time and gas to get here; 61 Euro, or 660,92 SEK, I think that was really well spent money.


Had a long chat with the guy removing the blockage, discussed surf, the total lack of logic here in portugal and how unlucky I have been on this street. I have parked here twice, last time someone broke my window and stole a blanket, today I get blocked. Fantastic! :D
At least he was a nice guy.. even confessed that the company worked on a profit basis.
Who would have guessed?

It started to smell after a few days..

Found at a friends flat..
Just to bad the waste basket is tiny and it is highly doubtful if it is steady enough to sit on..

European Central Bank

I know the probability that I will do the same in a few years is not insignificant, but anyway..

I do believe that the report writers at European Central Bank gets paid per bullshit word...
....and then bonuses for any uncalled for linguistic complication..

That is what I am doin on a random Saturday night..

Here is two really really catchy songs from down under..
Check it out!
(Not my usual style, but hey.. I love it!)


Trying to find a course homepage.
Get this;

Seems like the network guys have banned us from google's search results.

..I smell a sell out!
Maybe to.. you know, that other search engine.. what was its name again..

Referenspunkt Portugal

Pa universitetets cafeteria. Lunch.

".. det har var ju helt ok, jag menar jag mar inte ens lite illa."

Maten har ar val sadar kan vi sammanfatta..
Ett par ljuspunkter, men generellt.. ja... lagkvalitativt.

Vårdat språk

The following is not intended for sensitive readers!
Reflection; If you find nothing strange in receiving something like the following at 5.00am on a random Thursday morning... maybe you should start questioning your so called friends mental health...

" DUDE! The blond bitch with mustache that I think one of us shagged is running strong for the miss-std-princess 2009 here in (insert name of nightclub). I'm plastered and will now try to sell my body for beer! Take care you animal molester!"

And then a few min later;

"HEEEEY! I managed to trade a cigg for a BJ!! Never call me Steve, I don't want the monster to find me..." I guess that the risk of her remembering your FACE (or pubic region for that matter) is far less than she will remember your made up name?

For the record; I don't even wanna know what the so called princess did and I am pretty sure I have not been intimate with anyone with a mustache in at least a few decades..

The above is from the same person that also sent the following.... to his mother... with reply;

"OY! I am well again and in the mood for some fine bitches!"

-"I am glad you feel better, but must you use this language with me?"

...yes, the message was, for some reason, intended for me but miss-sent.

Stimulating design

Who thought WHAT when this lovely dog-toy was designed?
Female and gay dogs only or what?

Found in one of the major supermarkets in Lisbon.
Please note that it sais that the toy is "educative".


Just had to post this;

If you are breaking in, we are picking you up like a kitten :D

one of my favourite bloggers had a similar idea today.. nice!

First step

Since the last banner were from Irland 2006 or something I thought it was time to change, and when I have time I might work on the design as well.. The new one* is not yet optimal in size and colour, but it will do for now..
For those of you that are interested the motive is our home break, one of the beaches at costa da Caparica, Lisboa, Portugal.

*Photo: Jo C


Ok, I know I have been off sick for way too long, but now I just HAVE to post this!
Have a dear friend over, we had dinner, a little nap, and then, just after getting up again, he came out of the bathroom all puzzled..

I have still not yet stopped laughing!

(click to enlarge)

The man managed to shave half his eyebrow off while shaving! HOW???

"...that thing just keeps running, no matter where you happend to put it... "


Electric razors, gods little private joke on the drunk and tired..

Two (and a half) points

1. Madrid was wonderful. Thanx kids
2. I'm sick as a fucking dog and has not been out of bed for two days.
2.5 I guess breadchrums is better than ants (Last year), but I am still quite sure they are not supposed to be inside my computer..

Sorry for the terrible correspondance, I'll be back once I can walk again.

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