Nuff said.

Boards on the way

45kg boardbag is not on the way..
It costed me a small fortune, but it is on the way...
Let us now pray really really hard that Air Berelin dosnt fuck up.
I mean, its not like I have had a great deal of luck with Germans handeling my stuff so far..

A Great, great thank you to this man, to whom I owe for the transportation as well as looking after me during my last days down here, its been super my friend!

Losing stuff.. kinda what I do.

I finally find a hat that I really, really,really like.
For some reason it happends to be branded, and therefor not the usual 5Euros.. But acording to the rule of my life it ends up on someone elses head.
Somone I also happend to like...
.....maybe as much as the hat..
Then I lose that friend.
Not just during a walk around the bars, but really lose.
And with the friend, also the hat.

Damn I miss that hat.

...and maybe the friend as well..
(But that is NOT something that I write on this blog)


I guess the old movie quote is true..

"Everything ends badly, otherwise it just wouldn't end.."

(Name the film and earn my respect in eternity.)

Thank you Portugal..

Just my usual fucking luck. As I go out to take the car to a stand and get a price on it, this is what I find;

Someone has crashed into my door, then run away, without doubt some drunk idiot! WHY THE FUCK ALWAYS ME!??

Anyway, this is good news to you; The car is worth AT LEAST 1900E, repairs is, even if you get ripped off, never more than 100E including every fucking tune-up you might need, I am now GIVING IT AWAY!!

First person to hand me 1500 gets it..

Call me, or email


On public request; The car, again.
Yes I still have it, yes it is worth more than what I am asking.
I'm currently asking 1700E for it, and I will, hopefully wed, have a quotation of that or higher with a stand.
Feel free to email me ,come find me here in Lisboa, write to me on facebook if we are friends there or just find a way to contact me..

Some pics;



I just can not afford them all..

(Click to read)

Ps. Anyone who ever rides it also owes OT for first giving the board up for adoption.

Saved.. or Dead

One of the oldest, dearest read my rambelings.
Got concerned.
And without the need of any lengthy discussions, explanations or questions he booked himself here.
To try to get the boat ashore.

If we succeed is far from sure, but it can not get worse, that we know.

Is it not enough that I hate me?

Please tell me what went so horribly wrong yesterday that two 16 year olds on a moped were more interesting than having a conversation with me? I just dont know. Really. I might have been an idiot, but come on..

My wall is nevertheless now covered with a poster of an unknown Portuguese TV-star. Shes quite pretty and does not yell or walk away from me without explanation. Think I like her.

Giving up.

Whats the fucking point?
I just have to realize that this one is not going to solve itself.

Come get it, I dont fucking care any more.

First one to come here and claim it in person gets it for free;
One car; WW-Polo -97
4 Boards- 9'1 Long, 7'0 Minimal 7'2 Evo 6'2 Short
Tent, used once 3 person, pop-up version
Bedsheets, cloths, some books and beer
One turtle, water living, possible attention disorder
Bruised cock-generally useless
Some glasses n cups
One very well functioning ulcer
Complete incapability to archive just about anything
A bunch of lovely friends that unfortunately can do nothing to save me.

Pls note that the above is given away as a package (and only as a package), I am tired of it all, so have it. Then leave me here to rotten in a corner.

DHL vs Portugal


Firemonkey -Hi, I have questions about sending a package from Portugal to Sweden.
DHL -Ok, I am sorry, but I only handle orders from Sweden, you have to call our Portuguese office.
Firemonkey -Ok, do they speak english?
DHL -Yes, sure they do!

Ring, ring..

DHL -DHL Lisabon, Boa tarde!
Firemonkey -Boa tarde,Você fala Inglês, faz favor?
Firemonkey -Tenho uma pergunta sobre o envio de um pacote.

DHL -Inglês. não. ...Não.

Firemonkey -Do you have anyone else there that speaks english?

DHL -O que você diria?

DHL -*Mumbeling* ....Não, não.

Firemonkey -Tenho outra pessoa que fala Inglês?

DHL -(Mumbeling)


... I take that as a no.

-Everyone that is surprised, jump from a bridge, or come here and visit portugal, because you are either stupid or have no idea how things work down here.

...Or both..


Time difference.. Such an easy thing to forgett...

Sorry M!

Thank you

As you all noticed, everything is not grand and fantastic, however I have to thank all you wonderful people who is trying to get me back on my feet again! Really, I might not jump up of my bed and eveything is back to full speed, but I feel it all the way in my heart when little notes or songs are sent to me. When you try, and when you understand that I dont want to talk right then. When you leave me alone without letting go, when you show you'll still be there..
Thank you.

I got this from a dear friend..
And now I give it to you.

Let the show begin

I will now go meet a friend and pretend everything is fucking grand-

..just because I owe him too much to put my depressed mood on the situation..

See you tomorrow, if the 25th of april dosnt come before the 11th of January.

Stupid questions and semi straight answers.

-So, how is it going?

-Totally in line with my personal achievement-curve right now. How are you doing?

Time goes, things fall apart.

So excuse the mood.

I found a great pic that summaries the situation quite nicely.
So I stole it.

Sue me, its not gonna get me any lower.

Thanx to H, P, A, R.. and all the rest of you for trying to be there, it is just very little you can do right now.

Another day, another exam

No, We didnt burn..
At least not yet.

So I just have to take myself, my lack of knowledge and non-started brain and go write yet another exam..
(I'm out of COFFE!!)

Take care kids.


Five cables rammed into one connection...
Problem solved old man style.
Separate and turn on anyway.
We now have partial power in the flat and just hope the now rather scary spider looking connection box dosnt decide to short again.. couse there is not a fire alarm in the building and an extinguisher.. never seen one..

See you all tomorrow.
We hope :D

Yes.. ONE connection was containing all these cables..
Inside a wall..
The wall around it padded with insulation fiber.. very flammable apparently.

...No I have not photoshopped his finger black..

Power to study, power to live

During dinner my study plans got slightly interrupted..
A cable-connection high up on our hallway floor suddenly started to spurt small cute flames and smoke.. so we turned the main fuse off.
Turned out the dopy fuck that once connected the wires rammed about three of them into the same connection, and now the plastic finally melted and gave up.
On the bright side I think we found out why the fuse always blows when we are running the washing machine and the microwave at the same time..
My un-educated guess is that this flat once was hooked up to two, maybe three circuits, with individual fuses.. but when they changed from the old system to the new.. hey! Automatic fuseboxes are not cheep stuff! Lets ram them all in one big one :D
Portuguese way of saving a few Euros..

Now lets see whats happing when the landloards father comes to fix it :D

To bee continued...

Why the postal service is a DEAD, DEAD, DEAD Business

I could not stop laughing. Seriously. I had problems standing up. In the end the whole office were laughing and I kindly hinted that maybe they are to look for a new job the next ten years or so..

The following is what I paid to send ONE, One-page Fax to Norway and ONE 30gram letter to Sweden.
No, not a box or a speedy delivery, just a normal fucking letter and a ONE page fax.
I am still laughing as I write this..

I am speachless..

ps. Yes, that is the amount in EUROS..

Phones are for..

The only problem when it comes to me is that I always wait until the sender of said email is about to kill me, or simply never talk to me again, until I reply.
For this I am sorry!
Those of you who is dear to me knows this..

(Thanx to The Pirate Bay for the pic!)

Quote, unquote.

"The interaction of individuals, possessing different knowledge and different views, is what constitutes the life of thought.
The growth of reason is a social process based on the existence of such differences. . . . "

Frederick Von Hayek

...surprisingly I find that I have readers, or shall I say wievers, since I have lately not published anything, from non the less than seven Polish cities. Impressive, and a little shameful, given my resent lack of productivity.
I love the Polish, so why am I not giving all these visitors some more readworthy material with a greater frequence?.....

...Because I am too busy failing exams..
I am sorry.

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