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Word Play


Ehhhh.. no.

I ment to write something clever about how inefficient the best educative institution in this part of the world is, but I ran out of steem drafting it so I give you this pic instead.

You are welcome.

Now it is soon BBQ time.


Guess which father I am going to be?

Conception of time

Today the lecture ran 15 minutes on overtime.
NOONE said a word.

Hirarchy is clearly still an issue in one of the worlds besst MBA-programs.


Thanx for all your guesses, I have not published the comments to keep the competition interesting.
Very clever all of you, although I am surprised to find that the most common guess was coke. As in Cocain. Although it seems to be just as addictive to a certain fantastic wonderful girl, the contents listed in the post is not found in cocain, it is... tha,tha,ta,ta;




(Yes, seriously. And yes, some of the listed ingredients are posinous..)

Please remind me

of this idea when I am to build my house.
The one who does gets the first run! Seriously.




Guessing game.

If you feel you are not getting enough of the following ingredients, please come by my house and I'll give you some for free! :D

α-terpinolen, etylbutanoat, 3-carene, etylacetat, etyl 2-butenoat, α-terpinen, α-thujen, dimetylsulfid, limonen, β-caryophyllen, cis-3-hexene-1-ol, hexadecylacetat, 5-butyldihydro-3H-2-furanon, trans-2-hexenal, etyltetradecanoat, α-humulene, sabinen, 2-carene, camphene, etyloctanoate, 4-isopropenyl-1-metylbenzen, 1-hexanol, hexanal, etylhexadecanoate, α-copaen, hexadecanal, etylpropionat, dihydro-5-hexyl-3H-2-furanone, carveol, geranial, etyldecanoat, furfural, butylacetat, metylbutanoate, di-hydro-5-octyl-3H-2-furanone, p-cymene, octadecanal, 6-pentyltetrahydro-2H-pyranon, 2,3-pentandion, 1,1-diethoxyetan, pentadecanal, butylformate, 1-butanol, 5-methylfurfural, etyldodecanoat, 2-acetylfuran, 2-metyl-1-butanol, 4-metylacetophenon, acetaldehyd, cyclohexan ...

Can you guess what it is?

Tack till Vem-i-helvete-Anders än en gång!

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