Havnt got anything uplifting to share with the world.
I even really dont know if I can be bothered to stay in Uppsala for what have been the most important day of the year for as long as I can remember.. I mean why? its like the beanched player who keep comming to the games..
Apart from that I have just found out that I passed the re(tard)exam.. lucky cunt me. lets just see how many times I have to do the next one..

A lot of decitions is comming up.
-retard car, kill or let live?
-in the interest of the nation.. apply?
-surf in Portugal or another semester here?
-loosing my combo?
-getting my f**cking vehicles sold? (check here and here)
-money next month? What to pay first?
An oponent work is comming up, and I have to hand shit in tomorrow that are not yet close to structured.. but at least I am not alone to be in the shit.

My last remaining hope is that there is no rain week after next, couse Loce and I have some catching up to do...



Postat av: leila

ska jennie flytta!??! har ni snö kvar i ume!??!

2007-04-19 @ 22:02:26

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