Welcome to Poland

A swift flight from Sthlm skavsta I land in a cloudy wet Gdansk. Feels weird, not only because I was at work just a few hours ago, but also the familiar feeling of being on the road with just a small bag and myself again.. I missed that feeling.

Get picked up right outside the airport, guess my host is afraid I get abducted.. after all, this is new territory and who knows what lurks round the corner?

Some catching up later we check in. Or should I say check back?

We are hitting the beach area, Kaszuby, right in the middle of the Polish holiday and even if the rain is pouring down one family after another is walking down the street.

They stroll past the restaurants serving freshly fried fish right from the coal bed for a nickel and a dime, past the amusement field, past the high pines lining up..

I am told that the men here are getting fewer and fewer.

New times are rolling in and it transforms the strong proud polish men, now equipped with a baby stroller and the air of masculinity dissolved.

All the campsites and lodging houses are full but my host managed to book a caravan, or a trailer as they call it. When we arrive the site is filled with holidaymakers and we are pointed to a caravan that brings memories from my childhood.

Lets just say that it is very similar to the ones that the boys in blue raid every once in a while.

Inside we are met by a total preservation of the eighties! They say that you should try everything once, and now I can proudly check off leopard patterned bed sheets.


We laugh so hard we fall over as we settle in.

The night is chilled, rain falling on our heads, but still an amazing sunset and a wide stretched beach with the pine forest lining it right up to the sandbanks.

I think I could find peace here.

As long as the weather stays like this, and the beach keeps from filling up with families and kids, all chatting in a language I can not even begin to make sense of..

In the morning a "Swedish table" is served for breakfast, mackerel, chicken and liver fighting for the space with the usual bread rolls, ham and cheese.

Anticipation is high, beer ice cold and Peggy Lee is setting the pace for another adventurous day in the unknown land.

Over and out from the Firemonkey, finally on the road again, finally chasing the moment, living it.





This is why I will order a pc

Updated the computer I am borrowing.. a few mediaplayers, installation of skype, vlc, updates for Firefox, a little bit of everything..
Then as I was given a free ipod, I am resorted to installing itunes.
I started this FIRST, since I know the program sucks.
Now, 2hours later, I am heading off to the gym, everything done, exept from fucking itunes off course!!

Not surprised..

Just have to stick to my old music today.. Maybe next week installation is done, and then by the end of summer the program is actually statable?


Lyssnar på P1 på webben.
Winnerbäck svmlar me släpig röst..

Det vill jag oxå göra.

Men det kommer sällan längre än den tanken.. Så jag sjunker tillbaka i min fotölj, njuter av långsamma toner och känner mig ganska bra i min emsamhet.

Hoppas ni har en lika harmonisk torsdagskväll.


With risk of being annoying by first being silent for a few weeks and then post a few posts in the same day I just have to ask you..

There is a "game" online, I have seen it with my German former roommate and now I saw it while googling for something totally unrelated..
Anyway, apparently one person says something like; "Take an apple instead of a banana", or something similar, then the next person continues with the last word; "take a banana instead of a boat"..

WHY is this funny?

Threads are running thousands posts long.. and there is NO logic to what people write..
Fucking hell, a program producing random words would be more entertaining!

Someone explain please?


Hmm.. Is it age, or just my brilliant mind's ability to make things utopian in my head?

I have a few things I have wanted for a long, long time.. one is a tatoo fetured in a comercial some 10 years ago, another is a fur coat-vest-thing that I was certain that I've seen in one of my favourite films, Fight club.

Now when I have set out to find it, and to wear it at mysteryland later this summer, I fast forward through the movie, only to find that it is nothing like I remeber it. Nothing at all!
Nice, sure, but nothing like I remembered it.. and its a full blown coat, and not the cool vest I wanted.

Is this something that was valid for a certain someone a certain time ago as well?
Someone that has a staggering inability to pick up the phone?
Who knows..
I suspect it is so.

Now I just have to roam secondhand shops to find what only seems to exist in my head..
Good luck to me.


ALLA andra bloggar ju om FRA.. så varför inte jag?

Men ja uttalar mig inte så mycket.. världen är aldeles för sjuk för att jag ska orka slåss med den, jag sitter mest här och myser över hur korkade folk är.
Och hur roligt det är med folk som verkligen TYCKER något.
Som den här flickan.. en av mina absoluta fovoritbloggare. Hon tycker inte alls som jag. Ibland. Men hon är rolig. Och hon tycker. Därför tycker jag om henne.
Och så är hennes senaste lilla generaliserande inlägg så provocerande roligt att man nästan känner igen folk från verkliga livet..

I övrigt tror jag att det är dags att pallra sig till gymet. Jag har ju framgångsrikt lyckats missa det lilla solsken som dagen bjöd på genom att sitta inne, så varför inte?

Ta hand om er vänner!

ps. Den är gammal, men ganska kul, speciellt i tider som dessa.


Bilden stulen från denna underhållande nonsensblogg..

Thank you

Bussdrivers are on strike.
This, it turnes out, means convinience for me.

Because I have the best brother in the world!

Thank you!


Jay Leno show..

"The smarter a woman is, the less likely she is to have an orgasm.. "

Well- I know its evil.. but in some cases I do have to say I agree.
Or at least I would have agreed..
Until I learned better.

Lets make a pact and not trust late night tv, ok?
At least not if we have definete proof they are wrong..

But hey.. you can never have too much proof, so come and show me I'm right?!

Whats up?

-So, how you been?
-Well, you know.. working, living my life
you know what its like.
-yea, sure, same same.. I know what it's like...  

("NO, I dont fucking know, cause when people dont pick up the phone its damn fucking hard knowing how they been! Behave for fuck's sake.. " -Of course I didnt say that.. I, apart from most other people in my surrounding still have a few traits of a decent upbringing..)

But then again, I should know better than judging people I dont really know..
And so should they..

But I guess you cant expect much from the younger generation..

OH!! Forgot!

I got to test drive one of THESE today! weeeiii!
(I've found a great kitted out adventure one for a mere 17000 Euros up here!)
Someone sponsor me?


Subliminal action direction

It is funny.. how the one thing that I should do is occupying my mind way too many hours of the day while what I should not do is what I fill them with.
Already breaking basic rules on the first day? Getting freezed and still I plan things that lies so far into the future I shouldnt even concider them..
On top of it all I do it while slipping into more than one bad habit I thought I lost..

Will be interesting to see what comes out the other end..

On another note I spent my salary on new riding gear today, a bit unsure about the boots, but helmet and pants are the good old trusted, and the jacket semed to be a better version of my old one so I have high hopes :)

Will give rewievs later, but the stuff is ordered from;


Lets hope they live up to my high expectations!
Sure had some good stuff anyway!

Take care folks



Easing into the new life

.. and just as I get used to it, I'm off again. 
It has, as you all know been a hectic period and not all that I should have done has there been time for.
But who am I to complain when I wake up at 8, all by myself, with blasting sunlight outside and have a whole day to myself!?

Got the insurance on the bike knocked down a few thousands (boy is getting old..) so I think that I just have to take it for a spin..

Other tops of the pops that spins my head right now is; Zimbabwe, Apartment problems, severe indecisiveness when it comes to my own will, childlike behaviour that I have not done since god knows when.. and directly related; curiosity mixed with fear and anticipating disappointment.

I hope this finds you all well and sound, special love goes to everyone that is in or just left Lisboa, I love you all and have not forgotten about you, even if I am shit with emails!
As you might know, my hard drive has crashed, so if anyone feels like sending me any pics from the semester, please do, I have NOTHING!

Now its just days until the little weekend get away, and if I dont get in the mood soon I will start to worry... I blame work..

Take care!

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