Todays achivement

Managed to get the phrase "final solution" into my marketing work.

Feel proud.

Nothing is more fun than to joke about the war when you live with two germans.

Allt på en gång

Just as always, when shit hits the fan its not just a small fart easily waved away.. No it Has to be the fucking motherload of all shits forefather that spreads..

Just got informed that we will be charged another 60-80 euros on our fine of 250 Euros (driving a car with expired checkup date) for not paying on time as well as loosing the ticket.. My name is of course on the line and it will be highly interesting to see how much bitching and sneaking that will be done before those money comes in.. If they do at all.. because I guess its my fucking responsibility to take care of that as well, no?

Portuguese people lack the ability to shut the FUCK UP! -that we already know, but just felt the urge to point it out again..

Nova has got nowhere to study, and on top of it all they closed at fucking 7 today.. 7!!! During examtime!

Got a parkingticket. (In the idiotic country where you get a fucking medal the size of sweiz if you find a street without illegally parked cars!!)
Do you think you can just pay it by a transfer number? NO.
Pay it in the ATM like any normal bill? NO.
Go to any policestation and pay it? Forget it!
-You have to go to the station ISSUING the ticket, then finding the officer that issued it and then, maybe, if you are lucky, they might actually tell you how much you owe them.. Cause that is NOT printed on the ticket!!

...Got draged away to a low tide, flat messy fucking caparica only to lose 2h studietime this morning on top of it all...

..And yes.. I hope no one thought that schedule and arrangement for summerwork was going to be easy just because you got written confirmation from the boss? oh no... not where I work.

Having a fantastic fucking day, how are you doing, cunt!?

My whole body is boiling and I havnt even got a pair of running shoes.. Go down town in a few hours and just knock out random fucking idiots for work out?
Feels ooooh so tempting!!



Jag själv och de flesta vänner har varit sjuka flera dagar.
Kroppen protesterar, muskler värker.
Ryggen skriker.
Snart pallar jag inte längre, jag måste röra på mig!

Stirrar på en skärm fler timmar per dag än vad socialstyrelsen skulle gillat, får ändå inget gjort.
Klockan tickar på, vinden blåser och temperaturen vägrar närma sig något som är ens i närheten av normailtet för denna årstid.

Klockan 20,03 ger vi upp.
Fuck it.
Packar bilen som i trans, brädor på taket, våtdräkter i bagaget.
20,30 är vi i vattnet.

Känslan när den första vågen sköljer över dig är obeskrivlig.
Det är frihet, lycka, tillfredställelse.. allt på samma gång.

Solen är på väg ner bakom mörka moln, men vinden har lagt sig och det nordliga swell som pumpat in över Portugal får en liten liten chans att resa sig, bygga upp, och bära oss.

Drygt en och en halv timme senare är det så mörkt att vi tvingas gå upp.
Med leenden stora som tallrikar i ansiktet.
Med kroppar som inte längre skriker efter aktivitet.
Med lycka djupt, djupt inombords.

Det är tyst i bilen hem, bara musiken spelar på medan vi åter glider in i Lisabons förföriska blandning av skönhet och förfall.

It was fucking good for a shit day...


Two weeks is two weeks too much

..especially when scandinavia is bathing in sun and warmth..

Onshore winds, fucked up waves and clouds.
-One day is ok, but now this country is really taking the piss!

Even the locals are getting grumpy now, appologising for the weather and sighs so high that the room shakes everytime magicseaweed is logged on to..

At least it improves incentive to stay in and read, but it is not helping my cold, and absolutely not my motivation..

No, dont tell me how nice you have it, I dont want to hear.


Major drawbacks of paradise

Few things makes me miss Umea, (apart from yran and other festivities) but now when exams are getting closer one major drawback of Nova is becoming more and more obvious;

There are simply nowhere to sit!

All study rooms are filled from morning to night, uni closes during late nights and then add the typical incapability with most Portugese students to shut the fuck up.. well, it turns into a problem.

I have just received the case on which my marketing exam is going to be based, and since my laptop now days works better as paperweight I am forced to seek knowledge elsewhere.. Problem is that I cant see one clear area of theory that I can link to the case, there is just too many aspects that could be analysed and questioned upon..
Maybe thats why the professor chose this one for final exam, hu?



Något annat som händer när man ramlar på gamla pratstunder man haft med folk som sedan fallit ur sitt liv är att man minns saker.
Minns stunder man suttit och skruvat på sig i väntan på reaktionen på det man just skrivit, möten som springer förbi i minnet och den stora frågan om varför allt så abrupt fick ett slut.

En känsla av skuld.
Av skam, av att det faktiskt, rent och skärt, var Mitt Fel.
För att jag inte sa som det var.
Bland annat.
Att jag var rädd, att jag ville komma undan för att inte fastna.. För att inte känna, för att inte falla.
Så mycket annat flög i våra respektive världar, mer än vi kunde bära, mer än vi borde bära, men ändå mitt slingrande undan.
Tills beslutet blev ditt.
Och jag stod ensam kvar.
Så länge sen nu, ändå så tydligt när man läser alla ord som slängdes fram och åter.
Jag hoppas verkligen att allt är bra med dig, Amiralen.
Jag hoppas verkligen att allt löst sig till det bästa.
Och jag hoppas att du vet att du var mig nära,
farligt nära ibland.

Oh, I just love my friends sometimes.

Just saw some old msn traffic thats been saved on my computer. (didnt even know that it did that)
Apparently someone has been sending various offending messages to friends I dont speak to very often while at my house at a party..

So I am terribly sorry for my retarded friends if you are one of the nice people thats been the victim of this.

nice.. just found another one. just as mature, just as funny.
And then another one.. containing animal referrals
I suspect ONE person.

A random sick Sunday.

So.. what do you do when you get bored of lying in bed beeing sick but is still too fucked to go out? Your back is acing like hell and your nose just wont stop running? Your head feels like one big cloud from all the paracetamol and you dubt that you will ever be well again?

Why not start a boardfixing shop?

At least thats what you do if you live in one of the most wonderful towns in Europe!





Take care my friends!

Every life has its price

And I must say, I am glad I had to pay now.
Have been in bed for the past 40hours or so, and even with a personal nurse, it has been a bit though..
Had a cold coming and maybe a drunken night in a tent was not the best cure for it..
Especially not if you are 0cm from someone who is already sick..
However, this means that instead of being on the beach today I am actually reading up some for the upcoming exams, and I even dreamed about one of my statistics exam-questions!

So, one week of studies, then one week of preparations, then THE party of the year.. then this semester is officially over.
Will be strange going back home, but thankfully most people will already have left and I can adjust to work and climate at my own pace...

Really look forward to another summer of fishing, sunbathing and generally good life.. but this one I will make more of an effort with the statistics..

Now more slides are to be read, and if I'm lucky I get to be let out for a walk later.. My back is absolutely killing me from doing nothing for so long.


My favourite hobbie..

.. is not getting punched in the face.
However, it was all in all a good night.
Went for an afternoon surf, checked out the place, a quick run to our favorite Portuguese restaurant, a coffee a casa and then we are were back.

Will it be my home next semester?

10E free beer until 12 the next day sounded too good to be true, and off course, it was.
Managed to get 25 in though, so unit price still landed at a reasonable limit.. :)
Then some drunken idiot thought Jo wanted a fight, and clearly this meant that I deserved a couple of punches just for being his friend...
I am glad that 98% of all idiots that wants to fight are such absolute clowns at it! I have a sore ear (!) and a bump on my forehead but walked away in peace, thanking the great crowd of friends I have for not needing to do anything more to the poor idiot..

With a cough and a cold we settled in a bit down the beach when time reached sunrise, and even if we did not get our long wished for morning session, it was not too bad waking up to the sound of breaking waves and sunshine on our faces..

När man har roligt.. går tiden fort

Så vi ramlade väl in vid 10-tiden imorse, precis lagom Portugalberusade efter en 14 timmars underbar kväll!
Har antagligen druckit mer under en genomsnittlig förfest i svedala än vad vi gjorde denna kväll, och kanske just därför blev det så lyckat?
Eller så berodde det på andra saker ;)
Under kvällen klarades följande evenemang av; Förfest för två med badrumsservering, vilsegång i Barrio, Världens bästa rockbar där portugals mest attraktiva flicka återigen bjöd på shots och spelade underbara gamla rockplattor, Galafest i en nedlaggd industrilokal (snacka kontraster!), Enorm gratis Ben&Jerrys!, stadsvandring till fågelkvitter och fotsmärtor, morgonklubbande till blipp,blopp och diverse hyss runt husknutar.. Sedan blev det hem och sussa, efter att ha fnissat färdigt och funnit oss i nya spännande situationer..

Hur som helst så har denna dag spenderats med spridda studier i sängen, lite vm-guld i diskning samt tomatinkokta fläskkottletter till middag.. Kan säga att det varit ganska skönt, även om man alltid känner att man borde åstakommit mer..
Ah, detta hårda liv som stundent.

Nu ska det sovas ifatt så man får något gjort imorgon innan det ska surfas i regnet och klubbas på stranden.. 

Ta hand om er!

Lisbon i morgonljuset.. Lets go clubbing!

Ps. Ett extra jättetack till min kusin som satt tak över mitt huvud i sommar!

For dere som ikke snakker så godt engelsk.. Et inlegg på NORSK!!

De store dagerne drar seg langsomt naermere...
Derfor tar vi idag en dag der vi sparer på hjernekapasiteten. :)
Bare slapper av og kler oss opp i de beste klaerna våres og går på gallafest med byens elite.
Imorgen smeller det derimot. Da er det markedsfoering, strategi og lange dager pa universitetet som er paa skjemaet..
Helt til fredag!

Kos dere!

Hhahhahahahhah Opinions about me

Just found out that someone said following about me:
"He is such a jerk, he dosnt speak to you once he found out that you are not going to sleep with him"

Well... In your case it might actually have something to do with the fact that you come across as utterly stupid once one get to know you a little bit, that you have one of the most annoying voices on planet earth and generally are quite boring..
But then on the upside you do have the most amusing so called boyfriend in Lisbon.
I still get random laugh-attacks thinking about him threatening me for talking to you. Priceless!

I hope that you can keep this image of me until you fuck off back to the country where they will set people like you adrift, because I would hate for you to find out that most people I have spoken to share my opinion, and maybe thats a contributing factor for you to find yourself a little less chased after.. ?

I still want to thank you for lightening up my day. I love how blind and self centered people can be.

Stupidity gives me joy!

Peace out!

New box of life?

All I need is to find one friend, family or random persson willing to send me a new laptop.
It has gone so far I am actually thinking about getting a mac. I mean I have all summer to learn how to use it and then I dont have to fuck around with specifications and model search, just get the top of the line thing the apple-gay people has out and hope that half of the hype is correct.
Now those of you who know how sceptic I am understand how desperate I am..

Someone, please email me and say you can send me one from the magical coutry of US of fucking A?

I will repay in beer, ok?
(For the favour, not the laptop, stupid!)

What you have and what you want.

Capital deterioration I believe the term is.

And lately I have experienced a lot of it.

Or you could say that some interactive devices in my near presence has altered their form of usage.
Like my hand held multi functional communication device that is now not only displaying operational options in random languages, but also has become slightly unresponsive to data input.
Or my extended usage image capture device that all of a sudden deviated from one of its main features and thus suffered major malfunction.
Then its my portable personal information technology central, that now has deteriorated to the point of non recognition. Simple text processing applications are non operating and unwanted features are predominant. In addition stability of operation is atrocious.

And for those of you who are not as found of word play as me;

Get a dictionary and read a book every once in a while!



How pathetic people really are..
I could mention a few steriotypes from my own country but what got me to laugh the hardest was the so called cultural clash with Brazil..
hahhah, if you are that insecure that you are thretening to beat someone up because they are standing to close to (yes, standing, not flirting, grabbing or in any other way harrazing)  your short term girlfriend.. well then I think you need help!

I laughed so hard that I had to sit down on a table.
Thanx for that!


..when you can text your teacher, asking if you should be arsed showing up for class and at the same time call him a knobgobbler, then reciving an equally entertaining text back.. well.. then you know you are in a good place!


I call it Lisbon, you are free to call it heaven!

This is all I do nowdays.. you know..
I only study these days..
Today was the first surf in a long long time.
Just to prove that I am going to show you a picture of just how terrible it is to study down here, especially for you Umeå people to really understand the pain and stress I am going through;


There is nothing like..

...a morning surf!

Shit conditions and messy.. but it was far to long ago so I loved it anyway.
Right now a lot is going on but top of the pops is that I am going to miss the two best nights of the year.. Again..

I am just not in stinking umeå at the right times.. Not for yran, and not for this:

And Trubadur Wikström Törnmark the 23/5... What a weekend people!


And I'm gonna miss it....

..shoot me!


It is funny.
I just found out one of my frieds weddings were yesterday.
Not that we know eachother well or anything, but its just kind of nice that news travel so insanely fast nowdays.
Best of luck and congrats M!

I also realized I am one of my exes fathers two friends on facebook. That feels good in a way. And the fact that the only action he has taken within the Facebook community is to join a group that salutes he's little town is kind of cute.
I want to be kind of like him when I get old.

time. a word with a liquid meaning..

.. I know you cant really translate the swedish phrase that the heading of this post is built on.. but hey, it's my way of beeing rebel.
(Or I cant be arsed to look anything propper up..)


I just wanted to say that I am pissed off.
I am pissed off because of time.
I fucked up the end of my presentation today.

Seven minutes we were given.
By the middle our teacher is signing at me to speed up.

I do. Get unstructured. Unclear.
Not as good as I want to be.

When I finish I look at the timer I always have running during presentations..
I finished at 5.20.
Loads of time left that I could have used to actually do a good job.
Instead of getting stressed by him.


Luckely we are givien another go next week.
I'll ace that shit then.



...A day as good as any for a flip-cup competition.
At the best economics faculty in Portugal.
At 12.30...

We are so useless sometimes, but hey, what does that matter when we still ace our presentations..
And outdrink our teacher.
But then again.. he's american

For those of you who does not know the rules of flip-cup I can explain:
Take a number of friends
Pour everone beer in plastic cups
Grab your beer
Tap your glass on the table
Chug beer
Place empty cup on the edge of the table
Flip it using one finger or tumb so that it lands upside-down on the table
First (team) to finish wins
..and loosers pay the next round.

Another weekend away. Or; How to turn a low budget runnaway into a 250E luxurybender.. PART II

Day two we were hitting Cádiz about 11-ish, parked and wondered town. Taken aback by the beauty of the town and the absolutely amazing amount of propper full blown mullets (Hockyfrilla or if you will VoKoHiLa) we saw the Spanish boys sport we loved every second!
A few teasing texts later we find ourself trusting a bitch of a gps lady until finnally having some of the best tapas outside the Basque country.
And a wine that was so good it might be illegal.

So we bought some more.
And hit the beach.

No amazing surf, but a few waves for undersigned, one beach ball stolen, a pair of sunglasses lost in the water (wear straps if you are stupid enough to surf with shades) and one fin broken.
Quite a good result in just one afternoon, no?

World championships in hotel search was lost and we finally checked in at a posh place for far too much per night and room.

(No, she did not come with the room)

A pre-party at a posh hotel with a nationality mix such as ours can only result in a few things;
*(DARK-(finally!!!)) Rum and coke,
*High heels,
*soft porn and
*a Portuguese approach to time.
..A bit too Portuguese it turned out, but hey, pastries is as good dinner as anything!?

(Us.. and.. eeeumm...educational TV?)

After getting to chug Guinness (LOVE IT!!) order the largest Jack the world seen (yea brother, you should have been there!) and stealing a new trick for my bartender skills we moved on and went clubbing.
Not a big place, and my eyes hurt like hell from the smoke, but hey, at least we owned the crappiest dance floor in Spain!
Also met a human beat box and out drank a barkeep.
Then the slight mistake.

Breakfast closes at 11, so clearly, me and Rosie O'Donnell are literally falling down the stairs at 10.58 eager to make the most of our stay..
Only to find out that Spain is one hour before Portugal and we are supposed to leave our rooms in approximately 2 minutes..

Woke up the cowboys and were granted an extra hour to take a shower (what, did we need that?)
Then a bit of a snack in our favorite Portuguese restaurant (yes, you guessed it, McDonalds) and taking turns trying to stay awake behind the wheel.

Finally safe in Lisbon again me and OsGay changed and shoot off to a very productive meeting with a certain product manager. :)

Good weekend.

Do I need to say that we all slept well on Sunday night?

Another weekend away. Or; How to turn a low budget runnaway into a 250E luxurybender..

As I told you we got a bit drunk about a week ago.
This not being anything strange, one woke up with the usual restlessness and buzz in the body that is normal when drinking til the early hours the day before..
So we had a little bet.
It's been on the table for some time now, and in the states we were in it seemed to be a brilliant idea!

One handlebar mustache and random scramble for mad friends later we are having the best ice cold absolute peach drinks god ever put on planet earth.
And we are packing.
For Spain.
OsGay got the pleasure of guiding the dutch clutch south and the rest of us axle the heavy job of polishing off one and a half bottle of prime vodka, accompanied with some 12 cold beers.
Do I need to say that spirits were high as we arrived in Sevilla?

For those of you who live in this Lisbon with us I might wanna mention the passengers..
of whos names I have a suiting picture!

After having found a restaurant, had an amazing dinner and some really nice Rioja we contemplated sleeping in a park before deciding to hit the road again..
Only a short drive out of town our spot came to us.
A beautiful summer field with all sorts of flowers and great parking became our home for the night, Luckily I am an experienced enough car-sleeper to quickly accept sleeping outside instead..
Which, to my total lack of surprise turned out to be the winning bet.
A car is only so comfortable.
A field on the other hand...
An insulated board bag under you, Norwegian heating blanket next to you and a sleeping bag model -78, and I promise you, you gonna sleep like a king.

Which I did!

In a random bar in Spain

(following posted drunk)

I am 26.
                            (no, really, I am)
I've been around
And still I stand here.
                        In a random bar in Spain,
 getting first-time lessons
                                                                                                                   on something that I have been prided myself on.

I clearly dont know enough,

someone thought.

Time to find a new hobbie?

Friday morning

Clubbing last night VIP style with a host that never showed up..  Woke up by sun in my face and another visitor entering the SampaioBruno collective to take part of our wonderful life..

15 min later I have just shaved a propper old school handlebar mustach and are throwing two tshirts in a plastic bag..
We are going to Spain.
Just like that.
Why not?

Someones got a sombrero to lend me?


Roller coaster of Lisboa!

One minute you are having cocks flashing by in your "40% of final grades-presentation", sipping fresh strawberry vodka cocktails in class, walking outside and feeling the sun on your face, gazing up at a fucking palm-tree outside...

... the next you get fucked over and chopped by the ankles by a mechanic that ruins your possibility to pay any kind of rent this summer..


I love living here!


Whip me

.. for I am a man of no morals.

I have just given some of my last money to a company I despite.
A company that discriminate a group I belong to.
A company profiling itself as a sports friendly carrier, but without hesitation fuckes a loyal group of travelers over.
So bring it on. Whip me blue.

At least I will be able to attend the grand opening of a certain club as well as matching my arrival with both a chanse of nice company and a much needed day to catch up on work detailes..

I hate to be the little man, and I am so not used to only having one day flexibility in my traveling plans..

I am also sorry for not producing much interesting posts lately.. and I cant even say I have been occupied with school..
And just to add to the misery, my camera died this weekend.. so dont expect too much pics anytime soon..

Take care peps!

Ps. There might be one or two seats in a car leaving for a late night drive from Uppsala - Umeå the 15th of June approx 18.30. Let me know if you want to join!

Back from the most fantastic algarve-trip ever

And there are a million stories to be told..

I'll just give you a short summary..

* A waterproof camera turned out not to be so waterproof after all (order new one?)
* Some eastern european country once again proved the myth..
* Broke more traffic "recomendations" than planned. (thanx for that Norway..)
* Learned that "THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH BEER" and "Ice is not just frozen water, it is a top shelf premium product" (at least thats how its priced..)
* Got a taste of what I turned down this summer when not acepting the job offer.. Fucking hell they had a good party going! Just hope good ol northen Sweden can make up for it..

Thats the teasers..

Now I have a moral question to answer.
-The cheepest ticket to Sweden when I need to go is with BA.
-BA does not carry surfboards.
-NO, really, they dont. ( C U N T S ! ! ! )
-So... even if I leave all my boards here.. should I fly with them?

-Someone sponsor me to protest by not flying with them!?


Sign here!

Do it now!


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