The joy of job-hunting

Got a very interesting email from a "potential employer" that said they found my Resumé online and therefor wanted to interest me in a job.
Given my situation I jump at any opportunity and quickly requested more information.
I got it.

"This here will possibly be a life changing financial opportunity for you so please take the time to thoroughly review the 3 links below that i have provided for you and after you are done viewing the videos please respond promptly with your Full Name, Cell or Home phone number and the best time to reach you over the next 24 hours. You will be receiving a short telephone interview by one of our representatives. Please make sure that you are in a quiet and professional atmosphere when you receive your call back. Take care and we will be contacting you soon.

Link #1 Company Tour By Robert Hollis Jr:

Link #2 Company Information . After "Fox News" Video Plays click on More information and watch short presentation on our company."

Gotta give it to the guy.. two days later he follows up the email;

"have you had a chance to review the links i have provided for you....? if interested in this opportunity then let me know.. if not, definitely use these amazing products. check out
thanks /j***el"

I felt compelled to answer;

"Dear J***el

I now understand the lack of information in your initial email.
I do not think that it would be a sound business decision going into network commission sales after spending a significantly sum on 3 degrees in business, including one of the worlds best MBA-programs.
Unless you can provide an average real payout rate that is market competitive for all of your sales-agents on their first year on the job I wish you good luck and can also recommend organisations such as Aloe Vera, Herbal life (etc.etc) for those "freedom / have more time/ personal growth / make as much money you want"- kind of deals.
(And no, the fact that some in your organisation actually makes some money does not make me more interested unless you can provide more complete data and guarantee base pay that is market competitive.)

Best Regards

It would be VERY interesting with an answer :D
That took a full 2 minutes..

Science of Getting Rich
have a good one.

To save you the time of actually clickin on them here are some catch phrases from the first one;

"you have to listen to these audio files over, and over, and over, and over and over again" (no joke, they say this)
"You have to BELIVE you can make $2000 a week, or $5000 a week, or a million a week"
"you have to change your way of thinking"
"this is the very same tools that the author of the secret refers to" (And that is supposed to make me wanna take part?? Seriously?)

And to clarify.. this is his answer to a question of what the average payout is for people buying into this scam opportunity. :D
I can not help myself so I answer;

"Dear J***el

Off course you are correct, please excuse my mistake and let me rephrase;

What is then the average PROFIT during the first year for people joining your organisation?
I assume you base such a calculation on time (t) and capital invested (k) versus monetary gains (p) plus value of shifts upward on the learning curve (l) plus estimated creation of future profit opportunities (f), or am I mistaken?
H1= (t)+(k)/(p)+(l)+(f)= >0

I would be extremely interested to see such data, and while we are in the area of hard statistics it would also be interesting to know the turnover rate of individuals involved in the organisation, as well as total average paid out monetary profit per individual in the organisation versus total average invested time & capital/individual.
As a comparison gross sales and average profit margins of the organisation (discounted those passed on to the individual as monetary profit) would be helpful in assessing the opportunity.

Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

The Reply;
(Yes, the guy does send emails written in this very way. Is there some magic powers involved with using a capital letters for the start of every word? Does that make people buy his arguments more?? Really?)

"No You Are Correct... I Congradulate You On Your Creditionals, Very Impressive... Truly. I Came Into This Company And Spent 35$, Just 35$... My Weekly Residual Income Is 3,200 And Climbing.. So I Guess I Got Lucky. All I Can Do For You And Others Is Show Exactly How Myself And Robert Hollis Did It... He's Actual At Almost/Soon 100,000 A Week. DOCUMENTATION BEATS CONVERSATION. Our Products Are Great For Your Body, Do Your Do-Dilligence Please.... Thanks For The Talk, Maybe We Can Become Associated, Just In General. You Take Care And Have A Successful Look For Work. If Interested In Our Products, Feel Free To Go To WWW.MYGANOCAFE.COM"

I should stop by now, but this guy is amazing.

If you seriously can make $3,200/week with this scam opportunity, I would REALLY like to know how he values the inputs and what risk assessment he has. (still waiting for the other data I asked for) He mentions that he is lucky, which makes me even more curious of what the average results are and where his profits are derived from.


Further, even more interesting, I would really like to know his position to the moral implications of promoting an investment opportunity (which I think this can be classified as given I am required to invest a huge amount of time to see any profit) to people without disclosing the failure rate, average input and average payout of practitioners.


In my mind that would be like offering an emission of shares in a company without disclosing any of the financial statements (anyone remember Enron?) and trying to convince people to invest simply by saying that you CAN make millions, just look at the top management, they are raking in tons of money and the shares are increasing every day!


"Dear J***el

Thank you for your reply.

What you are saying sounds amazing.

I am very happy that you have taken an opportunity to make yourself rich on the free market, that is all of what I am about! Good job! Really!

However, I like to take calculated risks and not blind, why I am still a little confused;

You say yourself documentation beats conversation, yet I am still unaware of most of the relevant data, apart from your own payoff (without disclosure of inputs other than the initial $35)


  • How much do you value your time at and
  • what discount rate do you use to calculate the return on that investment? 
    (Assuming that return on the investment is not instant but rather delayed and increasing with time)
  • What is your total estimate of invested time?
  • And thus, as a result, what is the overall ROI for you personally and an average participant respectively?


Other than your weekly return the only information is the future estimated payout to a star performer with the organisation.

Again, no mentioning of the investment he has made in terms of time or other inputs.



  • where is this amazing profit derived from?
  • Does performance of others (for example new recruits) affect the payoffs of more senior participants?
  • What is the average profit margin for all products that is directly transferred to me?
  • How much is passed on to the organisation and other individuals in the organisation respectively?


Since this is an opportunity that seems to be open to everyone and anyone I suppose that the failure rate would be higher than "normal".

I would have this in mind when you are looking at average investment of ALL individuals versus average payoffs (split in monetary and non-monetary payouts), although I would still need disclosure of mentioned data in order to make an informed decision.


Should that information be available and sound, I think a fair valuation of the suggestion can be done and I would be very interested in seeing it.


All the best!


I almost heard the *SWWWOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH* sound as my reply went straight over this guys head. This is what I got back. Priceless.


"Let Me Know When You Would Like Me To Show You How To Make A Few Thousand A Week. I Will Be More Then Happy. Ok, Plus Our Products Can Definitely Do Wonders For You,Family And Close Friends... At The End Of The Day, People Helping People Is The Key."


So much for "documentation beats conversation".


Thanx for the entertainment Mr. Scammer!

Då var det dags igen. Lektion "tänka själv" Nummer 459382726204 (minst)

Så pluppar de då upp igen..

Alla dessa saker som man förutsätter, tror och i alla fall HOPPAS att folk ska förstå.

Eller i alla fall ifrågasätta.


Alla dessa FB-grupper som utlovar att du ska få se vem som besökt din sida, alla gratis telefoner, datorer, flygresor, you name it som anonseras ut

Alla "test" på FaceBooks högermarginal.


Den senaste i raden idiotier är en mängd sidor som alla på mer eller mindre samma sätt drar nytta av Spotify.


Få Spotify Premium Gratis! Utan reklam! Skriker de ut i etern.

Eller varför inte ett gratis Gamecard till World of Warcraft?

Eller en MÅNRESA!?


Ok, där tog jag i.. Men ni fattar poängen.

ALLT du behöver göra är att registrera dig och svara på några frågor...


Här tror man då att en tänkande individ skulle ha stannat upp och funderat, men vänta nu.. VARFÖR kan de ge bort ett gratis Spotify premium-abonemang?? Vad får DE ut av det hela.

Tyvärr är 90% av människor i allmänhet helt enkelt allt för jävla tröga i skallen för att fundera över detta.

Därför ska jag nu berätta varför.


Det här är vad vilkoren EGENTLIGEN betyder (9 gånger utav 10);

(10e gången är det någon bara någon som snor ditt kontokortsnummer)


ALLT du behöver göra är att:

1. Blir medlem

(Betyder; Regga dina uppgifter som sedans säljs vidare till telemarketingföretag med flera oberoende företag som "partners")


2. "bjud in" dina vänner.

(Betyder; spammar alla era vänner- dvs ger en genomslagskraft åt gratis marknadsföring för ett telemarketing-företag, helt utan att de behöver investera en krona för att få kundunderlag som vanligtvis är dyyyyrt..)


3. och svarar på frågor

(Betyder; Du tvingas svara på 100-tals frågor som gör att alla dessa företag får laglig rätt att ringa dig för du har ju deltagit i "kundundersökningen" och därmed godkänt samtal vid alla dygnets tidpunkter, från vart och ett av företagets "partners" (svara tex på EN fråga om underkläder och 5 företags-"partners" har rätt att kontakta dig för "uppföljning" av "kundundersökningen" du frivilligt gått med på)

I andra fall så tvingas du utnytja alla dessa fantastiska "ERBJUDANDE" (Läs SPAM) för att få dina dyrbara "poäng")


4 Få spotify

(Betyder; Om du loggar in på sidan ofta nog och deltar i många nog undersökningar KAN du faktiskt Få en kort period (ofta första månaden) vilket kostar företagen i fråga uppskattningsvis 20kr.

Vad som dock INTE nämns på företagens sidor är HUR MÅNGA poäng, och sålunda undersökningar, frågor och annat du måste ställa upp i för att kunna växla in dessa till något som helst...

Levererad marknads värde till företaget från dina inbjudningar och ditt godkännande av kontakt av alla anknytna företag = ett par tusen.. Minst.)


Bra deal?







Önskar att det var jag som stod bakom dessa företag.. jävlar va rik man skulle vara.




På sidan är man till och med vänlig nog att berätta hur det ligger till.. Man ser dock till att använda så invecklat språk som möjligt så vår average "attention-span 20sec" tonåring antagligen slutar läsa vid det där krångliga ordet Afflia.. What?

-Äh who cares, det står ju i webadressen att det är gratis..

(Notera även att sidan i fråga till och med lyckats stava Affiliate fel i sina försök att krångla till det.. Priceless)


"Genom att bli medlem på har du möjligheten att tjäna ihop poäng för att sedan byta dessa mot Spotify Premium och andra belöningar.

Det fungerar på så sätt har avtal med ett antal så kallade Affliate-nätverk. Dessa nätverk fungerar som mellanhand mellan annonsören och oss. På så sätt förmedlas annonsörens erbjudanden till oss och kan sedan slutligen utnyttjas av användaren. Som belöning för att utnyttja dessa erbjudanden erhåller användaren poäng vilka sedan kan växlas mot exempelvis Spotify Premium. "

Pasted from <>






Naturen i våra kläder. Johan Sundqvist. Klotet i P1. Vetenskapsfestival.

En gammal kamrat från "skoltiden", eller vad man nu kallar dessa avlägset bekanta som genom den nya generationens medium börjat dyka upp i ens vardagsliv redan när man öppnar lap-topen vid frukostbordet, har gjort ett utmärkt framträdande i landets mer dammiga kanaler, och måste därmed pushas ut till gemene man.

Ja, "gemene man" betyder dig, du ungdom som inte orkar öppna en ny flik för att googla fram svaret på en fråga ens om det ens utlovas belöning.


(Ett annat inlägg kommer troligtvis begrunda detta fenomen där bekantskaper och utbyte slungas mellan nivåer av "säga hej på gatan" till djupa invecklade meningsutbyten som igenom förströelse eller fakta berikar vårt liv. Men detta inlägg är mest för att sprida ett klipp..)

Här är sådeles klippet, föredömligt upplagt på YouTube av statens första radiokanal.

Kanske har de förstått innebörden av det kunskaps-samhälle vi LILA aktivister försöker skapa?


Håll till godo gott folk;


Och som vanligt.. här är en extern länk  om NÄR bestämmer sig för att inte fungera;


Sharing is Caring.






As we arrive back "home" after the Easter we find that the guarded community we live in has had burglars for visit over the holidays and two of our friends have lost their fairly expensive new lap-tops.

Not strange since almost every door on the residential buildings can easily be opened by any amateur with a screwdriver..

Still sad for our friends who feel so unsafe that they decide to terminate their stay and return to their respective country. Will miss them dearly.


To the institutions defence security is beefed up around the house in question, an intermediate fix is applied to the door (hardly increasing the difficulty of entry, but still) and rumours of full compensation for the lost lap-tops circle the campus.


Now over three weeks has passed, and the institution has yet to release any news about the incident..






Anna Hamilton

Min fina vän Anna Hamilton har kommit med en ny skiva.

Tyvärr delar vi ju inte samma åsikter när det gäller strategi att nå ut med sin kultur, och destomer beklagligt så har hon insisterat på att trycka mästerverket på en plastbit vilket sådeles äter en stor del av den budget som annars kunde investerats i att göra henne stor större.


Hur som helst så finns skivan för nedladdning på de stora försäljningsplattformerna och även för lyssning på Spotify.

(kan eventuellt inte länka korrekt då en viss stormakt utövar lite väl mycket makt över det samhälle jag valt att leva i för att fri kulturspridning ska kunna ske på ett lagligt och (i vart fall i en övergångsfas) hållbart sätt.)


Nog med moralpredikan, se så, vad väntar ni på? Klick,klick, klick-e li klick.

Spring och köp!




(Image stolen from;






The efficiency of paradise


This is a little long story about Easter week.

It is also a story of the prise one has to pay to live in paradise.

Most of all it is a story about idiots.


The story begins on a Friday before Easter.

As I have told before we have got a new family member, named T-Rex. The mission was to extend the legal documents for her by crossing the border to Nicaragua for a few days. We later found out that this is not possible if you do not stay out of the country for 6 months or more.


Naively we still drove up to the border to try, if it did not work, at least we got a few good surf-days in San Juan del Sur out of the trip.

We thought.


To get our passports stamped with exit stamps went smooth. Then we were asked to turn around in order to get the car-papers stamped. Obviously this was handled by another office than the passport stamps.

After some time we found the office. Que.


After a long discussion regarding the tourist import papers being in the previous owners name the first shock came. We were not allowed to drive the car in the country.

At all.

Keyes were taken and our dear lovely T-Rex was put in the impound lot.

No problem though, we were told.

Just come here with the previous owner tomorrow morning and it will all be fine.


The fact that T-Rex at this point were our home and contained all our earthly possessions including our bed for the night seemed to be a totally irrelevant point to the customs staff.


We were forced to check in at the "cabinas" at the border. A shack in the words true meaning, walls threatening to cave in at any second, ants all over the floor, electrical wiring sticking out here and there from walls and ceiling, leaking toilet and a hose for shower. The madras were only marginally thicker than the sheets covering it and if one did not lie down straight away there were severe risk of falling through the floorboards of the bed.

The price of this cockroach Hilton?

$20- on par with any AC-equipped hotel room with pool access and ocean view balcony anywhere else in the country.

Supply and Demand in true play.



Saturday morning at 06.00AM we tell our story to a local cab-driver who kindly agrees to drive us all the way to the previous owners house for a greatly reduced fee. We arrive and wake up J, the previous owner of T-Rex, K, his Nicaraguan girlfriend wife, L, his 6yearold autistic son, and U, the housemate who is kind enough to lend us his truck. Without much further ado we are off.


Back at the border we are passed from one customs officer to the next. We wait, we tell our story, we get help with translation from K, we get sent to the next person, and is back at square one.


Finally, after a good 5 hours of waiting and being shoved from one person to the next we are shown in to someone that is supposedly some sort of boss. We suspect that the only reason that the person in question has this title is due to threats to either eat or sit on anyone who objects with him. Without so much as a look at us he waves us away, saying "lunes, lunes" repeatedly (meaning Monday).


We emphasise the fact that this is our one week holiday and that we LIVE in the truck they without apparent reason has impounded, and that we have complied with every instruction given to us, including dragging the previous owner and his whole family half way across the region on his day off to get this problem solved.

The obese man shoots us a look like we were the bastard children of two scabby street dogs and says without effort to hide the sarcasm; "I guess you have to buy a Motel then"... He then returns to his papers and refuses to answer us any more.


J, K and U are nothing short of angles and puts us up on their living room floor for the weekend, taking us along for what turns out to be a fantastic kite-surfing weekend, gives close to free lessons in the sport and lends us anything and everything we need to compensate for our "stolen" stuff.



(click to enlarge)


Monday morning 07.30AM we are once again back at the border, autistic son and all, making a new attempt.

The first information we get is that everyone we would have to speak to, pay, or see, in order to get the truck back spent a very calm day at the office on Saturday, having all the time in the world to process our matter, had the fat idiot just felt like pointing us in the right direction.

Great start.

We are then shoved from one desk to the next, forced to employ an import agent, an attorney as well as pay the import tax of the truck immediately. (Despite the legal documents being valid for a good week more. )


The truck must then be imported in J's name, which for some unexplained reason nullifies a suggested fine of $500 for me driving the vehicle without permit. This does however adds another two visits to the attorney, including a legal transfer fee of $70, and additional paperwork. We run from office to office, person to person, all the while with L picking at peoples desks, the heat driving us mad and conflicting information is given to us constantly.




At 4PM we pay the import tax on the 17 year old, slightly rusty truck; a whopping $2,400, almost 100% of the value of the truck.


An hour later we are once again called in to the customs office where our import agent pretends(?) to argue in our favour over a matter of the model of the truck. We are told that the "standard" model of the T-Rex does not exist in the Costa Rican vehicle-database. The very same public online database that we several times consulted during the day to determine the tax amount.

The "semi-full" version does however exist. At a premium of an additional $400.


We are, after straight-out offering the chief of the customs office $100 cash to solve the problem, told that sure, we can, in fact, import the truck as "standard".


All we have to do is take pictures of the truck, send ALL technical data, including engine manufacturing codes and factory information to San Jose and thus "create" the "standard" category that supposedly now mysteriously does not exist.

The process time of this is estimated to between one and three months.

During which time we OBVOUSLY can not use the truck.

I hint a smile in the face of the custom officers face as we realize that our only chance of getting the truck back is to pay the made up fee.

So we do.


At three minutes to five the chief of customs comes out, tells us it is all taken care of, goes back in to the office and comes out a little later, not saying a word, turning the corner and picking up his pace. As we follow to get a proper confirmation his steps turn into an outright run and at the backside of the office he jumps into an idling awaiting car and speeds off.

I guess this is normal behaviour of the senior officor of the customs office here in paradise...


As our customs agent appears some time later we are suddenly very short of time and has to sign the dotted line and run over to the impound lot with some 20 pages of supposedly legal documents in different copies and piles to get the truck back before the station closes for the day. (That the station on Friday night were open five hours longer than on a Monday seems strange to no-one but us.)


We are told that we will have no problem with the police and will not have to do the technical inspection until a few days after Easter week.



I avoid looking at the papers too closely as all chiefs at this point has fled the office and drives away from the customs office of what is described as the most evolved and developed country in Central America.


Does any of you want to bet any money of what the truck finally got taxed as?

"standard" or "semi-full"??


I hope you had a nice Easter holiday for those extra $400 Mr. Chief of Customs.


Now I just fear what else than engine number they have left out of the documentation to create problems for us at the next stop in the import process of this wild west of this bureaucracy infected, complicated, illogical system... My guess is that we have another 4 days and hundreds of dollars ahead of us before we are done with the tax papers..



At night we did our best to help J out to fix and service his motorbike and left relived and a little guilty late Monday night, knowing that they would all have to go through the whole process again tomorrow in order to get his motorbike to Nicaragua for the holidays..



[the week then continues and we have a wonderful time without bureaucracy-hugry idiots]

(click to enlarge)



As we arrive back to our exit of the "highway" after a fantastic end of the holidays we are waved in by a traffic police. The American plates on our car sparks a light in his eyes like a child before a Christmas tree.

We show him our new papers.


We are not allowed to drive the car, AT ALL, before inspection and national plates are taken care of.

We try everything, including a lot of references to the prestigious institute where I study and mentioning of a imaginary lawyer that has booked us an appointment with the inspections. We are told we would have to tow the truck to inspections and then find storage for it while waiting for the national plates to be done.

(All of which I suspect to be complete lies)

A long while of broken Spanish later I try to steer the conversation to alternative solutions of the problem. He tells me how much problems TOURISTS cause by complaining of corruption and causing problems for him and his colleagues.

I outright ask "how much".

He sais it's up to me so I reach for whatever spare cash I have (less than $16) and he walks away without a word.

I guess little has changed in the real world here in paradise..



As we arrive back "home" we find that the guarded community we live in has had burglars for visit over the holidays and two of our friends have lost their fairly expensive new lap-tops.

Not strange since almost every door on the residential buildings can easily be opened by any amateur with a screwdriver..

Still sad for our friends who feel so unsafe that they decide to terminate their stay and return to their respective country. Will miss them dearly.


To the institutions defence security is beefed up around the house in question, an intermediate fix is applied to the door (hardly increasing the difficulty of entry, but still) and rumours of full compensation for the lost lap-tops circle the campus.


A week after the incident no official announcement has still been made from the institution.



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