A run for the unknown.

Africa. Sounds exotic?
Well.. without further ado we thought we would take a stab at it.
Marrocco to be precise.
Most urgent question is wether or not I get my new window (that were promised to be delivered last week, not surprised..) and if my fantastic insurance company will allow the Bassmobile to go on such wild adventures..
Not looking like its gonna be any surf in either case, but hey, another experience richer we all will be :)

Now nap. Needed. Badly.
Due to following equation; Y=(BBQ on beach+BoyscoutBoy)Raised to the power of beer times (Finance 8am+Big Flipcupnight at bocas tonight) divided by minus (lack of sleep times (financial +academic worries)).

See! I can count! Now go convince my professors of that!

Postat av: Sofiakristina

Thank you so much :) I appreciate that!

I hope everything is ok with you :)


2008-09-29 @ 00:52:00
URL: http://sofiakristina.blogg.se/
Postat av: Helena D

Är bilden från Sintra?

2008-09-29 @ 12:53:00
Postat av: Nuno Berberan

Of course they will allow! If dont, you know how things work in Portugal - laws are subjective and all the do-not's are simply more or less forbiden ..

2008-10-02 @ 06:09:52

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