So.. If you were an insurance company, would you take the time to include FRONT windows in the policy, but NOT BACK..

Only in Portugal.

Also only here someone would break into a car, look at the sterio, think nhaaa..
Look at the 20+ Euros lying in full display in the ashtray and say.. nhaaa...

.....And then grab the worlds greatest Argentinian Beachblanket and leave me with a window repair bill of staggering amounts.

Still love being here, but seriously, sometimes they really are a bunch of retarded lazy fucks!

Promise to self:
Next time a taxidriver thinks it is funny being a cock and drive all around town before getting me where I want to go, I will, swear to god, stop him, get out and spit in his face. Seriously. 
I had fucking enough.

Postat av: Sandra

Men raring då, lite purken? ;)

2008-09-23 @ 19:22:51

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