Thoughtful ?

"Is the answer as simple as getting rid of everything and live like it’s the stoneage?
God no.. I like my coffee, flat screen TV, cheap child made clothing and my big trucks.

So maybe the answer is instead to use the technology we already have.. More solar power, using city roofs maybe? Wind power.. basically resources that we can use over and over.. paper cups that are reused.. when a car is trashed it’s turned into a park bench or even a house? There is so much garbage in the world we should be able to re-use most of if for something useful. Instead of recycling meaning reusing once then throwing away, that we re-use over and over.


But I am a skeptic as well.. I don’t care for any form of government, after all nationalism was created simply as a counter weight to religion. I don’t understand why I have to have a passport and other documents to move from one patch of grass to another.. And I don’t believe anything a corporation tells me.. if a corporation says they are not exploiting kids in china.. history has taught us they are. If a government says they are helping a nation, history has taught us that ‘help’ really means ‘exploit and destroy’. Good or bad? I don’t know, don’t know if I really care. I inherited a world that is more or less finished.. destroyed by the generations before mine, and a world in contempt and denial.

I am just a passenger of life enjoying what child exploitation has given me the right to enjoy. "

To enjoy and cherish whats left is indeed becoming the outmost goal in a world that is already on the fast track to its end...

Words found at my friend zebulla's blogg


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