Paypal- spineless jerks

As a way to show my utter disgust over the closing of wikileaks paypal, I, as many others, went ahead and tried to close my account with them today. (Tack för tipset)

As it takes them 2 days and costs 3.4% + a fixed fee to transfer my own money back to my own bankaccount I took the time to file a complaint while waiting for the funds to transfer.

I clicked away and reached the site where complaints could be made. Filed an official complaint for being spineless jerks (yes, that was my wording) and motivated my statement.
Clicked send..
This is what I get;

(click to enlarge)

I guess they dont want to hear what I have to say..

Please, as a sign of support, go ahead and close your account with paypal today! It takes 2 min (after the transfer of your funds is complete) and is a clear way to show that you do not support freedom of information and democracy.

(And if you are one of those fu*king IDIOTS that change your profile pic on FB and think that will affect child abuse, or post these utterly stupid other "I care" statuses- Now you can do something that will ACTUALLY result in something. Even if one customer leaving is "nothing", it sends a very clear message to a company)


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