T-REX, "The worlds Greatest Adventure Truck"

Due to popular demand and the fact that some people still refuses to use FaceBook, here is a presentation of T-REX, our latest family member.

She has a few problems to sort out and will have to have new licence plates to be fully legal here in paradise, but is already serving us well :D





Toyota T100 SR5 -93 "T-REX"

Manual transmission 5speed, V6, approx 155k miles

Box raised, camping equipped.


(Click to enlarge)


The beige at E's knee is a bed (approx 200x140cm)

Under that there is space for luggage and boards. (Fit E's 7'3 SuperFish, my 6'1 short board, tools, bags and various other stuff with no problem)

In the front (towards the drivers cabin) there is 2x coolers (one 80-90 Litres and one 15-20 litres)

Propane kitchen with double burners, 30 Litres water tank.

The truck also has a 20volt Solar panel and an Inverter to both charge the battery, plug in Lap-tops, Phones etc as well as a USB-socket for any iPod charging or other IT uses...


Roof racks are being manufactured to hold a 190x120 expedition tent and lockable long board racks.


Just let us know when you want to come visit! :D


**Update 20 March 2010**

- Complete engine&chassi cleaning

- Electricity re-wired to converter and solar panel

- Interior fabric washed


**Update 15 April 2010**

- A new rear right leaf-spring is ordered and a new parking break cable will be installed during the weekend.


**Update 19 April 2010**

- New shift leaver seat ordered from the US- will be installed as it arrives. (Thanx Mitch for bringing it and Marlin crawlers for producing and selling!)



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