A run for the unknown.

Africa. Sounds exotic?
Well.. without further ado we thought we would take a stab at it.
Marrocco to be precise.
Most urgent question is wether or not I get my new window (that were promised to be delivered last week, not surprised..) and if my fantastic insurance company will allow the Bassmobile to go on such wild adventures..
Not looking like its gonna be any surf in either case, but hey, another experience richer we all will be :)

Now nap. Needed. Badly.
Due to following equation; Y=(BBQ on beach+BoyscoutBoy)Raised to the power of beer times (Finance 8am+Big Flipcupnight at bocas tonight) divided by minus (lack of sleep times (financial +academic worries)).

See! I can count! Now go convince my professors of that!


So.. If you were an insurance company, would you take the time to include FRONT windows in the policy, but NOT BACK..

Only in Portugal.

Also only here someone would break into a car, look at the sterio, think nhaaa..
Look at the 20+ Euros lying in full display in the ashtray and say.. nhaaa...

.....And then grab the worlds greatest Argentinian Beachblanket and leave me with a window repair bill of staggering amounts.

Still love being here, but seriously, sometimes they really are a bunch of retarded lazy fucks!

Promise to self:
Next time a taxidriver thinks it is funny being a cock and drive all around town before getting me where I want to go, I will, swear to god, stop him, get out and spit in his face. Seriously. 
I had fucking enough.


Have been without computer for far too long now, but at least it is in the mail now, so hopefully you'll read a whole bunch of mumbeling nonsence next week..
I'm in Lisboa anyway.. Today we had 28 and sun.. hows the weather where you are? :P

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