The campo de ourique collective hit the streets last night after polishing off a case of Super Bock (beer) and the best part of a bottle 51 in delisious carpinias!

After spending all our free time in the water, given the surfbug to two Germans (one of them bought a board yesterday efter beeing on one for the first time the day before.. hahah) and knocking back dirtcheep beer and not much else we did get pretty sloshed..
Still the night never turned bananas and we had a fantastic time in the absolutely mad area Barrio Alto.
I'll try to publish a few pic's, unfortuantelly we only had a photographer the last session when waves were more than messy and us more than tired..
I'll see if I find anything.

This is where I live...

From left to right;
Streetart - University - Cascais - taken from campus - just a normal day along the coast...

Am I the one to complain?

not really.

Oh, by the way.. I hope you have not missed this!

We have a home!

Today we have moved in!

Clearly, as you can see!


First day, or was it first week, month, year?

After a long hard think I realize I've only been in this town for two nights.. It really feels so much longer!

And most of it is because of one guy!


Being a former Erasmus student of Umeå he has now come back to his home in Lisabon and has put his everything into helping us out in this new and amazing place.

We have pumped him for so much information and he has been so helpful I assume hes been dropping dead every night since we met him.

Thanx to him we now not only know most of the basics for the big citylife, we have also seen the beach, the surf and today also one of the enormous shopping malls that are spread out outside the city.

My purchase was the cheapest 3mm wetsuit the place had and a pair of neoprene gloves for those early morning sessions on the board.

Our biggest concern right now is of course to find a more permanent place to live, preferably close to the beach or close to Uni.

Thanx to N we have already had the advantage of calling several ads, and finding a place closer to the beach, despite the relatively low rents, has proved a lot harder than we wished for.

Our backup plan now is to have a look at a place in the city and also call on a few ads that we got from uni during our guided tour there today. Me and O have agreed on trying to find a double room to get the rent down and thereby have more money over to rent a car for weekends or take longer train trips to other surfsports.

As I said before this town has really taken me in and I feel right at home almost wherever I go and even if I still can not make out a word of the spoken language I surprise myself time after another with understanding quite a lot of the written signs and simple text I have come across so far.

Tomorrow is the big welcome meeting and also the first of the famous Erasmus parties so I think things will pick up really fast after that. We will hopefully get some work done during the day thou, quite a lot of forms and papers need to be sorted out and there is always the race of calling the attractive apartments before everyone else gets hold of them so I guess we're in for another hectic day.

Now it's time for a cold one and just enjoying the atmosphere in the city that finally stopped pour down with rain today and hopefully will not get more flooded during the upcoming week.

I'll try to post a few random pics sometime soon, but it is a bit tricky as my usb-stick is still with my former employer and friend in the best nightclub in Umeå, so, mr F if you read this, shame on you for being such slow handler of things! I need that document sometime soon as well, get on with it!

A little bit of the wet

Its raining.

Like mad.

And I don't even mean like for a few minutes. I mean poring down for hour after hour.

Even I am carrying an umbrella and I hate them.

Luckily it was for free and is nice and RED, but I believe its cursed in some way, already cut myself some on it..

Hopefully I can upload a picture of it so that you all can see how nice and RED it is... not the least bit pink at all. Clearly.

Time to check out the town

Pizza, a cold beer and a short walk around.
We don't really find anything and the fantastic weather of this morning has turned a bit gray and wet..

Really like the feeling of the town thou, and its super easy to get around.

I just know I'll love it here.


On the train to Lisabon, the weather is absolutely unbelievable and the most wonderful landscapes is rolling by like an inflight movie about heaven. Next to me is yet another gorgeous Portuguese girl and the ipod in my ears is making the hangover a little easier to bear.

I am booked into a hostel close to the water for the coming two days and even if I am excited to see Lisabon and find out more about the town that will be my home for some time right now I just feel like kicking back and relax, enjoying the warm sensation of sun on my skin and make the most of the last days of this absolutely unbelievable vacation I have had.

I don't really miss the places I have visited, or people I leave behind, I just hold them dare in mind. The last month thou, so many fantastic experiences and so many lovely people have rushed through my life that I have a hard time letting it sink in. I hope all of you loved the time we spent as much as I did and that you as me let the memory and feeling of what we left behind strengthen you.

I'm not very good with goodbyes, and I am terrible at nursing relationships while off doing other things than you, but the feelings I had with you never change. These days were diamonds as a wise person once said..

I don't care that our life's are completely different or what relations we have with other around us, I know that I will see you again and I hope that the same wonderful feeling will spread in my chest when we get to spend some time together again.

Until then I don't say good bye, but I say take care. Take care of You and only do what feels right for yourself, no matter what the world is demanding of us.

It seamed like a good idea at the time..

All you can drink. Open bar.

Do I need to say I missed my checkout time this morning?

Or that I took a train a little later than the 9.05 planned?


With hand luggage of approximately 30kg's (thanx to Ryan airs ridiculous rules about maximum checked in weight of 15kg's) I have now safely landed in Faro. I think we got about 1 hour sleep last night before the little smart set off to the airport so I am not the most alert, but what does that matter when you arrive to a place directly cut out of a travel magazine and the sun is shining so brightly that your skin immediately turns red just looking out of the window of the airport.

After repacking my bags I found the bus and made the little walk to the hostel. The town turned out to be a lot smaller than I imagined, I heard numbers around 50 000 inhabitants, but it feels like you could get anywhere just by walking.

I can see the ocean from my window of the hostel and even if there is some swampland between me and the great blue I can already feel the taste of salt on the tip of my tongue. No surf here but I did found a few surf shops and in the hostel they give out what appears to be a free surf magazine of Portugal. A good sign of what to come.

As you know I don't speak a word of Portuguese and to be honest I never really heard it spoken either. Now with it all around me I think it sounds a little like eastern Europe stuck in a sunny place for too long. It really sounds very little like Spanish and I think it will be very much harder to learn than I thought.

Teamed up with an English guy that is here to study language and will go out for a few cold ones later, but right now I really just have to get my head down for a few hours.


I havnt really had a chance to update much lately but my stay here in Germany has been nothing short of wonderful. The pics in the last post is from the first day and even if the sun has not been out as much as that day, it has still been mad coming from snow and ice in Norway to a spring so nice here. I'm not gonna tell you everything we have been up to but I must mention the last day. Possible the very best of days for a long long time..

We started off renting the cutest little mini-smart, a really cool little car that apparently had some hidden powers as we pushed it up to a staggering 150 on the autoban. After a few "touristic" routes around various parts of Bonn and Cologne (read "got lost") we got to the largest indoors climbing hall I have ever seen!

Iksu looked like the changing room in comparison. The routes were all marked and cleverly named but as you can guess we didn't even have enough power to try a fraction of them. Despite acing underarms and a few bangs and scratches we had so much fun that I never wanted to leave!

Little did I know thou...

Because the next stop was even more mind-blowing.

We have saunas in Sweden, yes we do, but the good people of Germany has taking it to an art.

The Mediterranean sauna-world we went to is indescribable. Not only because the place is a nude zone and quite a lot of the guests were fit ladies (often with accompanying boyfriends as it was valentines) but just the size of the place was enough to blow your mind.

I must confess it was a bit awkward at fist and the fears of any young mans were running through my head as we walked in but once you got used to it the experience was beyond this world. The place didn't close until 12pm but to be honest I could have stayed for days! Saunas, pools, relaxation areas, waterbeds, massages, tan beds, whirlpools, you name it, they had it all!

All in all the only thing I have to say is Thank you C! When I planned to come to Germany I thought it would be just a couple of nice days and some catching up, but you made it a few of the very best days I have had in years! I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and that you find the time to come down and visit me in Lisabon.

A little tale about leaving Norway.

14.05 I'm leavning a sunblasting Oslo central with a light mind and a smile on my face.

Exactly 6 hours later I'm back.

Because of fog.

Little water particles in the air has stopped my flying plans, forced the big white hollow bird to land in another airport..

To which we are now heading.

Just hope there will be some snacks at hand at the new airport..

And maybe a large COLD BEER.

I got on the bus from Kongsberg at 11.35 this morning.

Arrive in Bonn at 02am. A little tired of travelling without getting anywhere by now.

Bara I uppväxtkvarteren.


För att inte saga gubbe.


Stavar och blåställ.

Jag med mina vita hörsnäckor som lyser avstånd och personligt utrymme.


Väntar in mig.

Ler så bade bruna tänder och gluggar syns.

Ville bara hälsa.

Kommentera snön som yr omkring oss, önska trevlig dag.


Som sagt. Bara här.

Germany + Norway

I have now arrived in Bonn, this beatiful little town that has blessed our day with blasting sunshine and wievs I never would have expected in Germany..
I have nothing much to tell you all, especially since they have a really strange kind of keyboard here so every sentence takes an hour to complete.. no ok, I lied there, but it is really annoing. Hopefully I can write a few lines on my own shitty laptop and share my thoughts by posting that later. At least I can upload a few pics for you all to be jelous of.. haha.

Taking off from my mothers house, Kongsberg, Heavy packing.

Aass beer? I mean come on!? ASS BEER?? WTF?
Only in Norway...

First boarding day! Guess if I were in heaven!? (Last one is of the drop where we shot some pics later)

Didnt expect the snow to be THAT deep!

Play time :)

Bonn Germany


Very quik visit to Oslo...

...The only place on earth where the heroinjunkies are wearing sveral thousend kronor Peak Performance all wether pants....

I guess the streats are tough.

Sun were out and I liked the town just as much as I always do. Now I'm  standing in a foggy airpot called Torp still sweaty from  trying to trim my luguage to impossible 15kg... just hope my flight will take o as planned, so far two flights have been cancelled...


The days fly away here and sure it has been great fun, but I never thingk I have been this exausted in my life. All this activity really feels in my body and sometimes the scary thought of not beeing young any more runs through my head..

Anyway, yesterday we headed out with cameraequipment probably worth more than my lifeinsurance and even if the snow was heavy as hell and the bigjumps mostly occupied by those who really know how to do it we snapped a few quite ok ones in the forest.
Maybe it's worth to mention that there is a national team in everything from boardercross (great course here!) to bigjump and pipe training here so its not short of oportunities to see how it should be done. During my stay I have seen all tricks you usually watch on tv.. rodeoflips, backflips, FRONTflips, with and without spins, 720's, 1080's, reversed dropins.. you name it, and thats just the junior team.. (8-14years old) On one hand it makes an amature like me wanna just stay away from the park all together but the atmosphere is really open and unless there is an organiced training with coaches and all you are more than welcome to fool around, working on that 360 or "high" tailgrab you thought looked so cool before comming here..

Have not heard much news from home, so I guess everyone is doing fine.
I wanted to upload some pic's today but unfortunately the owner of the only laptop with internet connection wants it back, and since hes 7 and son of the boss that also owns the house we live in, I think I'll just thank for my time online and give it back ;)

Until next time, behave folks!


Its larger than I thought.
The walk with the bags were a fucking nightmare but on the other hand the basement appartment is nice and the slopes is a lot more fun than I was hoping for.
Have been boardning now for two days and there is more untouched snow than anyone can hope for, the park holds excellent quality and some of the riders are tuely amazing!
Weather has turned a bit too warm thou, so the great offpist is a little heavy.. but I guess i's a great opportunity to take up the bigjumping again;)

Now I have other things tio take care of, so all you curious readers just have to wait til next upload.

Take care, pics will come soon.

On my way..

Blev en dag som försvann... Hårddisken bråkade med mig lite till men jag fick iaf med mig lite musik, resten får jag väl ladda ner i Portugal. Lyckades även lägga över en film på datorn som jag ska försöka se på bussen ikväll.. men man kan väl ge sig fan på att batteriet kommer dö 10 min från slutet ;)

Åkte tidigare till Sthlm för att återse en kär gammal vän, Caveman. Som vanligt känns det som om det var igår vi sågs även om våra liv blir mer och mer olika och vi tycker fruktansvärt olika i vissa frågor så är det en vän att lita på i vått och torrt. Tyvärr tappar man dock mycket av naturligheten när man ses allt för sällan och våra möten blir mer uppdateringar än att kanske ha tid att verkligen umgås. Trevligt som fan var det i vilket fall som helst och vi skiljdes med ett löfte om att han skulle kolla närmare på att komma ner och hälsa på till sommaren. Weeehiiiii! One of the boys! Det är special!

Nu sitter man då här, på ett internetkafé på busscentralen, med enorm packning och en redan värkande rygg. Trots det börjar dock den gamla känslan infinna sig. Känslan av att vara på väg, Känslan av äventyr, känslan att man skulle kunna hoppa på vilket som helst av de tåg och bussar som omger mig och bara vara fri.
Har först nu insett hur mycket jag behövde den här ledigheten och hur bra jag mår av att ha alla mina tillgångar praktiskt packade och vara PÅ VÄG...
Lika bra som jag mår av att äntligen ha en egen lägenhet, egna möbler och en någorlunda fast punkt.
På ett sätt är det samma sak. Bara det att nu är JAG den fasta punkten :)

I have understod that not everybody understands my confused travelplans, so I have been asked to clarify:

Tonight I'm leavning with nightbus to Oslo, then another short busride to Kongsberg (a skiiresort)
There I will spend a week with a mad friend I met this summer while on my bike-tour of Norway. It will be boarding party (on a budget..) and a lot of good times!
After that I leave to Germany and a former Achill-colluege that I have not seen since st.Patricks last year! Everything is organised and I am so grateful I dont know how to return it all! STAR!
A few days later I am flying to Faro, a little place in the southern Portugal where I have two or three days to aclimatize before leaving for Lisabon by train. Hopefully I'll get some surfing in already in the first day so that I know just how much worse than O.T I am.. (quite a lot judging from his latest pic's..)

The 17th the welcomemeeting will take place and after that I put my trust in the Erasmus-officials hands. We have no money, no appartment and NO CLUE.

I look forward to it!

Now its time to get going, when I have a chanse I'll upload a pic of me with all the bags on me, I look hillarious!

Catering Saturday

The job went great. Gueests wery pleased and an overall calm, earlyclosingnight.
Really nice to see K again and if I wouldnt have had a cold the size of Canada I would really have liked to stay behind for a whiskey and catch up.
I guess there are more times.


So, whats up?

Well, woke up to fantastic news from Germany this morning. I love it when friends come through and really show their best sides for no apparent reason. Hope I can make it up to you!

Apart from anticipation for the upcomming adventures on this insane vaccation I have planed for myself my head is still buzzing from a fantastic trip to the capital city..

It all started with really nice little place on "söder" with the friend I have known for so long now without really spending any time with.. It's wierd, we see eachother for a day or two, have an amazing time, talk into the weehours of the night and then separate again for months and sometimes years. Still she is one of the few people that I can pick up the phone and call from the other side of the world and everything would feel like it was yesterday. Thank you a million for beeing you!

Of course I could not resist the temptation of beeing guided around the more fashinable parts of your capital, you know the clubs and places everyone talks about, many hate but few have really given a chanse..
And with the best of guides who could have anything but a blast?
Unfortuanatelly the 7 beer headstart I had on the rest clouded my judgement and apparentlly it was not allowed to order JUST a drink, it had to come with a shot.. (strange rules in the capital) so what time we left the establishment and headed to M's cozy appartment I can not tell. Fun we had no matter what! (Even if I do feel a bit ashamed beeing a tiny bit more intoxicated than planned.. quite a large tiny bit actually)
The morning after was hell multiplied with number of cl of booze consumed the night before.
Pizza Hut, 99:- buffé.
3 bites.
Money well spent!
Thanx J for beeing there making fun of me.

Speaking of money well spent.
Apparentlly I bought a new snowboard.
As you might know the beautiful Winterstick retro that has been my friend for a few seasons now did its last crash in Ramund and when in Åre I hade to ride a 200kg rentalboard that killed some of the thrill of riding.
However, on the last day, when I was supposed to be on my mary way home to Uppsala, I stayed because of exessive dumping of heaven-sent powder-snow and E managed to borrow a board for me.
A ultralight, farback set powder chewing thing with really cool graphics and good handeling. It's nothing compared to the quality of my last board but its light and it does the trick, so I bought it.

On top of all the fun and frolics I have been having I turned ill yeasterday. A flew and a fewer. At work.
I promise, I have never been worse at work, ever.
My head felt like a cloud balloon and I couldnt do nothing right.
Love to my collegues who fixed me some painkillers and were really nice to me the whole day.
I have only called in sick once or twice in my life, but I promise, yeasterday was a really close one.
Today I am marginally better, still a bit of a fewer I think, but slept 14h tonight and have done absolutely nothing all day so I hope I'll be fit for fight for the cateringjob tomorrow night.


Now I just have to come up with a drinklist from a collection of odd spirits sent to me that will fit 30something-yearsolds wanna be 20... ;)

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