In homeland

You know that you just arrived home when you feel kind of weird every time you speak in front of a crowd and have to look around the room to make sure that everyone understands your mother tongue...

The last week of Lisbon was hectic and mixed.
Mixed is a very suitable word.
Mixed because I were so close to getting back into that black hole and just so, so tired of people.
Mixed because all the things we did Mixed because all the feelings I have for the city
Mixed for all the people that are just not going to be there when I return..

A few highlights, here presented in the big with and without-list!
*A pool party, with pig roast, but without proximity to anything but bumblefuck1,2 and 3
*A posh dinner, with more food than invited guest and others could eat but without flipcup
*A sunset over a river, with birds and beauty leading my thoughts to Zimbabwe but without the cowboys
*A camping in Peniche, with snails but without tent *A gocarting race, with squeeling tires but without victory
*A lot of surfing, with dutchclutch but without the bassmobile
And finally, the dubble!
*A live bullfight, without bullfighters but with drunken villagers,
-with 450kg bull but without horn protection

Live it up people, I am!

I will also take this opportunity to thank everyone in my life that is making things possible. I hope you know how much that means to me and that you are alos enriching your life by doing so.. otherwise I dont want you on board.
Your moments are just as much worth as mine.
Make them count.


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