Mental internet?

Really have no answers tonight and need to sleep some to be able to pull this mess of life I'm living right now back on the right track..

I just wish I could send mental emails, mental blogposts..
There are SO many times per day I think that, ah, that I want to write down, work on, publish or share..
then life takes over and the thoughts blow away in the chaos of mental turmoil.

Despite all I do quite enjoy being here and hope that rhythm will settle sooner or later..
If not, at least I have a few fantastic days to look forward to:)

Even had my secound jog of the summer today, with good company and great views!
Just think about how it will feel when I slap on my brand spanking new shoes..

Take care all, and I am sorry for this lowtide of posts.. but I guess you are used to it by now!


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