Personal Loss

I know few of you are surprised.. but now it is official.
The harddrive of the laptop that has been my companion for the past 8 or so years officially caved in in the begining of this week.

With it to its grave it took personal documents, school projects and most importantly, all pictures from the past semester in Portugal..

I can not blame myself enough for not doing a safety backup AS SOON as I got back here.. But fatightful to my tradition, I thought I could do it tomorrow..

Guess tomorrow came a little earlier than I thought.

I will still remember you all, and if you feel like sending me a disc with some of your pics from the semester, that would ease my greif somewhat.

Take care all, I am in the middle of a very intensive work period and hardly have any time over until god know when, so sorry for being out of reach so much..

Postat av: Anna / Annchen

Ja usch för att skjuta på saker. Det blir lite för många "ska bara" ibland. Jag har dock (hittills) haft tur och inte blivit av med innehållet när datorn kraschat och åkt på service, dock levt med ångest under tiden eftersom jag inte gjort backup. Nu har jag backup på korten iaf, och det är ju det viktigaste ändå.

2008-07-16 @ 03:49:20

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