I know I have written about it before but hey!
People are so fucking retarded that they never cease to surprise me.

Lately I have got;
*One email about the sterilization drug used to spike drinks,
*Three emails about msn starting to charge for their messenger service,
*Two emails telling me to forward an email because a starving boy then receives money,
.....And finally, my personal favourite of today;
*The Facebook group started to stop the artist Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, who by taking a stray dog off the street and displaying it in his exhibition for three hours has gotten more dumb, unenlightened, retarded kids involved than the fucking Iraqi war!

On top of things; He did this where?
-In Nicaragua!

So based solely on my own estimation, 100% of the kids getting involved in this has;
1.At least passed one homeless person living in their town or country the past month without giving it a fucking thought.
2.Probably never been to any country even reassembling Nicaragua, and also has no idea about how many stray dogs that live on the streets and what their faith is if they get in as bad shape as the one pictured on the exhibition
3.Totally missed the point of the whole thing.

Really. The dog was starving on the street, in a country that has far more serious problems to tackle than stray dogs.
It was too weak to stand up and would have died in any case.
It was taken in, fed and used to make thousands of people stop, realize and think for a little while about just how fucking insensitive and hypocrite our moral values and standpoints really are!
It sat in a room for three hours.
Then ran away. (Or died, what's the fucking difference, the outcome is the same!??)

-And the response from our highly educated generation?
-Lets focus on hating and suggesting murder of the guy as well as of some kid making comic remarks about the whole thing!
Checking facts?
Thinking about the meaning of things?
Realizing impact and message?
-No, no, no..

How, I wonder, can these people be so utterly unable to use even the best of information systems built for their generation to question facts that they are blindly buying everything they read and happily spreading the news to loved ones and friends, who for some reason are just as passive and idiotic!

How do they survive?

Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, I salute you!
Unfortunately you are speaking to a herd of fools beyond saving..
There is no hope for mankind.

For the rest of the myths that I spoke about?


..So just leave me the fuck alone and let me enjoy the few small parts of the world and life that you still haven't managed to fuck up, ok?


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