Single serving friend

At the same time as it feels weird that people are about to pack up and go back to their respective lives, the ones of us that have done this as long as I have get some another feelings. Those of us don't have that strong community and waiting roots to welcome us back, to long for and to be embraced by.

We have us.
And most of the times we are doing pretty fine.

We live in the moment, live for the sensation and are constantly on our way into something new, no matter if our world is collapsing around us.

When our single serving friends disappear at the end of the semester, run out, like the dip sauce at the end of the night.. as much as we are sad to see them go, we are also looking forward to the next ones.
Cause lets face it.
I have met some lovely people every time I've been away, and I certainly have here!
I do every time that I throw myself into something new, but then the period is over.
End of the era.

All the moments and all the things you had are behind you.

Although I really love to run into an old friend that I have shared great moments with, we seldom take up much of each others lives after the period is over..
So I urge you, my new wonderful single serving friends, dont feel sad when you get on that plane, catch that train or drive off for the last time..
We have what we had, and no one can take that, but most importantly, you have your own life to look forward to.
To come back to.
To live.
And no matter how much you might think that its sucks to go back you will have learned something here that will make it better.
Something about life.
Something about living.
Something about you.

Me.... I am just wondering off into the sunset and sees what the world has in store for me next..

Maybe I see you there?


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