The so called midsummer

As you might know I started working a few days ago.. and yet again I am here.
Begging my bosses for extra shifts and neglecting the planned studies. But hey, Lisbon did ruin me.  
Someone were also nice enough to tell me about the holiday this weekend, so I guess it'll be a little party..

Two things are on my mind right now. Or really they are the same.  

One is to let one of my friends down. Havnt seen her in a long long time and now I have to cancel a planned lunch due to fatigue and lack of time.. Dosnt feel right at all, but I have no choise.  

The other is the exact same thing, only different. Since I came back to Sweden I have had no time, will or inspiration to keep in contact with anyone.
I have thrown in a random comment on a photo and written back a few times to the most important, but its like I just want to switch everyone off for a while in order to catch up with myself.
Off course I hate myself for not responding when people I really like take the time to try to talk or write to me, but right now I just dont have the energy.
I blame the night shifts and the adaptation to that and hope that I will be back to normal by next week.
(That is also why I have been so lame with updates here, but no matter how flattered I am by the stream of people that log on to this site each and every day I do not have the same responsibility towards you.. And if I write when I dont have the energy or inspiration this will only be another lame diary non the different to all the teenage shit that is out there.)  

Saw a rerun of a Swedish cooking show just a few minutes ago (its 5,45 am right now, and, yes I'm at work) One of those where the chef is not only cooking but also allowed to speak a little about the food and his or her feelings and thoughts. It made me miss kockhoran terribly.. Too bad you cant just call people at 6 in the morning and expect a cheerful chitchat..  

Postat av: Per

Låter som en bra taktik! Hoppas vi kan ses senare i sommar!

2008-06-24 @ 12:30:09

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