Walk idiot walk

Had to get out of the appartment yesterday, and finally I went for that walk..
Of course the cemetary that was my original goal was closed, but I still got some amazing wievs and walked almost all the way down the hill to the river and then back up again. (a good hour and a half) Nice weather and music in my ears, but what amazes me the most is the intence mix this town offers.. Every other house there is a new part constructed on top of an old house, walls about to fall appart but one new window installed.. you know those kind of things. Druggies dealing openly a few blocks from a nice done up kindergarden... Brand spanking new Mercedeses parked on empty lots with garbage and waste everywhere..
Or my personal favourite, a house where the two bottom floors of a four story building has been knocked down, nothing to support the two remaining floors but steel poles.
The top floor?
Sure, there are still people living there.
Why wouldnt it be?

It is a beatuiful town, no doubt about it.


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