While you are waiting

I know.. I have been away for a long time and you have missed me, but I promise to return, and with some AWSOME pics from this weekend.. Hemavan, sun, snow, TörnmarckWikström playing and just.. I dont know.. the words TEAM 15 capture most of it..

Thanx guys!

While you are waiting for the awsomeness to begin and if you understand Swedish (or google translate) get a load of this note that I found in the stairway;

...Så det är bara ut å skjuta!

Postat av: Crazy Red

Då är det dags att börja hålla sig inomhus alltså. Attans!

2009-04-15 @ 01:33:49
URL: http://martinanoreliusson.blogg.se/
Postat av: Elin H


2009-04-15 @ 08:11:54

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