Passive Panic Attack

I think it is the diagnosis that is making most sense right now.
I have a million things on my mind, my partner has done a Jennie and all I can think about is my own little mindbubble-worlds that I think up from all sorts of inspiration of my daily life.
Right now a coffe in the sun with a hand in mine is the narrative background to the internal theatre.
But I must watch myself. Even cute told me.
Must focus, clear, not stir things up..

So I rest in the laguage-bed made up by my favourite blogger, even if what she writes about is so far from my reality her words and thoughts are comforting, peace-bringing.
Then I lose myself in my head again.
I make plans for the afternoon, night, weekend, summer... life.

And float so far away from it all again.

I escape, bail on myself, setting my firestruck ship adrift without a course.. then sit back and enjoy the heat off the flames on my skin.

My only question;
Leder till, eller, istället för???
Måste tas reda på..

Postat av: Jane

Estonian vodka! Thank's for supporting our economy :D

2009-05-10 @ 16:35:34

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