"Vem-i-Helvete-Anders" does it so much better

    .... but what the hell!?


    Here it goes;


    Who the hell needs IT support! ?


    Short story;


  1. I have relocated and therefore received a brand new email address (with a max capacity of 200mb). To be able to save mails and use automatic translating tools I try to forward all mail to my private Gmail address. The Server refuses to recognise that something like Gmail ever existed on the internet.

  3. As my level of foreign is close to non-existent, I send a mail, politely explaining the problem, to my "contact person".

  5. After a few days I get an email back saying that IT has now resolved the problem.

  7. What problem they solved, I do not know.... but my mail, they remain in my new huge new inbox..

  9. I once again email my "contact person".
  10. I again explain the situation and thank her kindly for the time she spent trying to resolve this.


  11. I get a very neatly produced screen-dump-email from IT teaching me how to set the filter in return.
  12. Of course, in exactly the same way as I have just done.

    I try. Again.

    Works about as good as trying to manually jumpstart a jet plane on an icy road.


  13. I email back to the "contact person" and kindly explain the situation. (While my new mail overloads due to 2 e-mails with attachments, and therefore refuse to receive any other mail)

  15. The reply from the "contact person".... Never comes.
  16. (Maybe her email was overloaded?)


  17. After 2 weeks I grow tired and email directly to IT.
  18. I formulate the email as convincing and about as careful as a condemned man with one single chance of pardon. I use all persuasive techniques I can think of and I am also careful explain my previous contact with IT and as well as the "contact person" in this matter. Off course I also include the error messages that I received when I tried to set the filter.

    Finally I submit the letter in two languages with my sincerest apologies for my poor level of foreign, even if I am sure the text is fully comprehensible since I've had it edited by several native speakers.


  19. After 4 days, an email appears, showing me a list.
  20. In foreign.

    The list kindly explains to me how to set the filter.

    Again. In. Exactly. Same. Fucking. Way. As. I. Have. Done. The. Whole. Damn. Time.






    Well... Thank you then IT.....





    Today, the following arrives in my inbox;


    "Do you want? forward your emails from your account ***** to Gmail?"





    Why bother!? All I SHOULD (yes, should) have done is said;


    "Forward not work.

    Want forward from *** to ***

    Fix. now. YES?"







    This post is dedicated to S.C who is trying to teach me persuasion, and to Anders for being a great inspiration.


Oh; and for those for those of you that speak Swedish, here is the link to the king of posts like this one; http://vemihelvete.blogspot.com/


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